Hey fellow lushes! Are you psyched about showing your Daddy-O how much you care on Sunday? Don't start spouting rubbish about how it's a Hallmark


5 Manly Wines for Father's Day

Hey fellow lushes! Are you psyched about showing your Daddy-O how much you care on Sunday? Don't start spouting rubbish about how it's a Hallmark holiday and you honor and cherish your Pops every day of the year. True or false: This special spot on the calendar was actually invented way back when by a thoughtful gal from Spokane. Answer's at the end of this post.

While Mother's Day is all about spoiling Mumsy with breakfast in bed and giving her a break from the endless chores, Father's Day is a feast at the end of a round of golf. Oh, wait. This isn't the 1950s anymore. Pour Pops a big tumbler of wine to help him forget that he's been busting his hump, working two jobs and he had to hock his golf clubs to help make the mortgage. Ahh, the American Dream.

You know what would please Papa? Some manly man Cabernet Sauvignon to go alongside that mess of sausages you're going to grill. Yeah, you could go take the traditional steak route, but sausages are much more interesting and they're practically impossible to screw up. The Wino's crazy about the tube steaks at Don and Joe's at The Pike Place Market.

The best sausages are juicy flavor explosions and the best thing about a Cab is that it has the power to stand up to all that beautiful noise. That's why they call it the king of wines. Actually, the French first crowned this grape royalty, first made famous in Bordeaux, where it's often blended with a bit of Merlot or Petit Verdot to give it depth and character. Like Will Smith after he stopped being the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and started doing "serious" acting.

Here are 5 Cabernet Sauvignon sure to please your Padre:

Let's go green with Snoqualmie's Naked Cab. This is one of those under-the-radar gems made with organically grown grapes that delivers those dark berry flavors and terrifically velvety tannins. Plus, Dad will get a kick out of making puns about the name. You'll groan and roll your eyes. Good times.

If you've still got access to Dad's credit cards, charge a bottle of Pepper Bridge Cab. It might go for $50-ish, but this stellar selection has a kind of Euro elegance, meaning that you'll start speaking in a French accent. It's a blast of power that finishes smooth and long. This is what The Wino would order for that final meal.

Back down to under $20 reality, Barnard Griffin is my go-to choice in Washington state for just about everything and the Reserve Cab is no exception. The black currant quality just screams out for a lambtasmic Merguez sausage.

When it comes California, The Wino's got a soft spot for the very first Cab she ever tasted. BV has been around since 1900, which means they should have it all figured out by now. I'm a sucker for the big, bold flavors of the release from Rutherford, which is $20. But the coastal selection does not suck either and it's like $6.

Finally, if you are hell bent on impressing Dad with a bottle that he can "lay down" in his humidity-controlled cellar, you could do worse than Stag's Leap Cellar 23. Those black cherry and mildly mint-ish qualities are only going to be better with some age. Just like Pops.

And, yes, it's true that Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane pushed for the very first Father's Day in 1910. I'm going to raise a toast to her on Sunday.

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