David Lynch's Coffee Poured Exclusively at Fremont's Naos Lounge

Twin Peaks creator David Lynch, best known for producing films like Blue Velvet that showcase his surrealist style, has veered into coffee. Lynch owns an eponymous organic java line, and only one Seattle restaurant is brewing his beans for customers to enjoy in ready-to-drink form: Fremont's Naos Lounge.

The Naos Lounge, which opened two months ago, serves Lynch's espresso

blend as drips, mochas and any other way you can possibly imagine. Ramon

Shiloh, the head chef for Naos, chose the brand because of the brew's

unique taste.

Sipping my latte out of a beer glass at Naos, I found Lynch's espresso to have an edge that some of the competing brands lack. A pinch of acidity played sideshow, like John Hurt portrayed in The Elephant Man, to the richer taste. The way the nuanced flavors play off each other makes the coffee seem like a rare commodity, as if it was the rare spice melange from Dune.

If you don't believe me, take Lynch's own addiction to his brand. According to the Lynch's assistant, Lynch enjoys around 5 or 6 cappuccinos a day and now only drinks his own line of coffee. His caffeine buzz is going towards a good cause, though, since Lynch sends some of the profits from what he makes off the coffee to the American Institute for Film.

"Lynch gave us his blessing, and we're waiting for him to come visit to really put the coffee on the map," Shiloh said.

Shiloh is in contact with Lynch's assistant, who says Lynch hopes to make the journey to Seattle one the filmmaker's schedules slow down. Hopefully, Lynch won't choose to get himself here by riding on Richard Farnsworth's lawnmower from The Straight Story.

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