The truck: Crisp Creperie , locations rotate and are updated via Twitter @CrispSeattle .

The Fare: Rotating menu of gourmet crepes with seasonal and local


First Stop: Crisp Creperie

The truck: Crisp Creperie, locations rotate and are updated via Twitter @CrispSeattle.

The Fare: Rotating menu of gourmet crepes with seasonal and local flavors

The Stop: When Crisp hit the food truck scene on March 18th at the Fremont Sunday Market, 20-something Jonathan Amato and Evan Mayer were all business. With serious expressions, they held minimal conversation and were laser-focused on getting me my crepe as efficiently as possible.

Fast forward to Friday, 4/20: After a few appearances, it is a whole new vibe. When inquiring about what prompted the duo to open a crepe truck, Amato, dressed in a black Skid Row t-shirt, responded with a poker face: "Our idea of opening up a nightclub in an igloo with penguins surrounding it fell through." Mayer randomly chimes in, "Oh, and we want people to know we are single."

Antics aside, these guys mean business and are veterans in the food industry. Mayer, who originally hails from Kenai, Alaska, once owned a restaurant in Montana. Before making his way to Seattle, Amato was slinging pies at Portland's beloved Pyro Pizza's food cart, the mecca of mobile food trucks. The two met in P-Town and their truck was fittingly built in the City of Roses.

The motto at Crisp is serving up crepes with ingredients that are locally sourced and in-season. The portions are dude-sized. The working professional lunch crowd has taken a liking to the turkey avocado with onion marmalade and the smoked ham paired with house-made whiskey maple syrup, whereas the farmers market crowd craves unique-sounding concoctions such as the roasted butternut squash with Rogue Valley blue cheese and maple syrup.

The filling combinations are quite brilliant. Take the prosciutto, brie, apple, arugula and apple butter, for instance. It has the perfect flavor and texture: salty, sweet, crunchy, and creamy. The pancake itself is on the thicker side and less crispy than one might envision, contrary to the name.

You also have your pick from a handful of shakes and smoothies. The maple bacon and Stumptown coffee shake are worth a shot, but I couldn't finish mine after the crepe. Maybe if I had ordered one of their fresh salads, I could have powered through the frozen dairy treat.

Crepes range from $7-$11, which may seem steep by some people's standards for mobile eating, but as Michael Pollan says, "That is how much food costs!"

Check out Crisp's website for the creperie's up-to-date schedule.

Sneak preview:

• The pair is in mad scientist experimentation mode, determined to come up with a standout unique sweet crepe combo for the upcoming Mobile Food Rodeo.

• Get out your night vision goggles: Crisp will soon be working the late-night food truck circuit in Capitol Hill and Ballard.

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