The Eats : Georgetown Liquor Company , 5501B Airport Way S., 763-6764. Sci-fi themed vegetarian pub food.

The Deets : Situated in the Bertoldi Block


Beware The Sleestak, Not Georgetown Liquor's Co.'s Hearty Vegetarian Fare

The Eats: Georgetown Liquor Company, 5501B Airport Way S., 763-6764. Sci-fi themed vegetarian pub food.

The Deets: Situated in the Bertoldi Block building at the busy intersection of Lucile and Airport Way, the GLC sounds active even when mostly void of patronage. Trains rumble by just feet from the back entrance while low-flying aircraft soar by overhead. Add that to the vintage Atari computer games, the industrial feel of the bar's exposed brick interior, and a hodgepodge of booths, tables, and chairs, this place firmly upholds the Georgetown aesthetic.

It was the busy Memorial Day/Sasquatch/Folklife weekend when my party and I recently stopped in, so the place was not as busy as expected for a Saturday night. Questions were answered promptly, food and drink arrived expeditiously, and we nestled into a booth, the coziest place in the joint. On busy days, you'll wait for a coffee refill but on careful observation, you'll see that the bartender also waits tables, and in addition to making the food, the cook runs orders and buses tables. So, chill. Once your order is in, it usually doesn't take long to put your food together, and there's plenty of distraction, from rotating local art to arcade games, to pass the time between.

The Beets: My boyfriend's mother was carefully enunciating the word "Sleestak" when our waiter came by to take our order. All GLC sandwiches are named for sci-fi characters and he reminded us that the creature "is from The Land of the Lost." When asked if he liked the new Will Ferrell remake, he replied, "it was terrible." Yep, it's an old sci-fi loving crew running things around here, so don't even get them started on Revenge of the Sith.

But the sandwiches are consistently great, from the vegan ham filled Lowell, with green chiles, cheddar, baby greens, roma tomato, and chipotle aioli on a wheat hoagie, to the Picard, a sliced ciabatta stuffed with field roast and mozzarella, served with a savory jus dipping sauce. Portion sizes are generous, and the house made balsamic dressing that accompanies the side salad is tangy and delicious--like Annie's. The always available split pea soup with ham is lovely, as are the great appetizers, like the arugula artichoke dip, which is large enough for four people to share.

The salads are hit or miss--the Chef's Salad with vegan ham, bacon bits, arugula, and ranch sounded like a flavor sensation but was actually pretty bland and piled so high on the plate greens were flying everywhere. My advice: stick with the sandwiches and starters and you'll be in fine shape. If you're vegan, pipe up (I'm sure you will!): most menu items can be made vegan, usually just by switching out real cheese for the mock stuff.

The Tweet: Like the glowing screen of Duck Hunt, for vegetarians and vegans at Georgetown Liquor Company, the game is on.

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