dog shit.jpg
Holy crap! I nearly oui oui'd my Spanx LMFAO after spotting this sign near an apartment building in Belltown. Yeah, like Parisians let their doggies


Top 5 Ways Seattle Tastes Like Paris

dog shit.jpg
Holy crap! I nearly oui oui'd my Spanx LMFAO after spotting this sign near an apartment building in Belltown. Yeah, like Parisians let their doggies dump wherever and just stroll on in their designer stilletoes. I've been to the City of Lights a few times and have never stepped in a pile of pooh. Unlike Seattle.

But the pointed point of the sign is that we're not like Paris. Hell, we're so much better than Paris, right? Please!! Let's not compare pomme and l'orange, OK?

Instead, just for fun, let's celebrate the Top 5 tasty ways we're like the most famous center of the culinary universe.

cafe vita.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
This coffee lovers could be on Avenue des Champs d'Elysses, oui?
No. 5: Coffee culture

Please kneel at the altar of all things caffeinated church. Starbucks might have introduced lattes to the masses, but where do you think espresso bars were born? That's right. In smoke shops and sidewalk cafes in Parie. We're united by that need for speed in the form of an eye-opening shot.

stinky cheese.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Say stinky cheese, or as they do in Parie, formage Le Pew.
No. 4: Stinky or/and ooey gooey cheese

The French no doubt invented fragrant formage to go with all that wine they quaff. (See No. 3) And we're so damn lucky to have so many fabulous cheesemakers in the Northwest. How about three cheers for Kurt Timmermeister's Dinah, Port Madison's Chevre, Quillisascutt's UFO, Mt. Townsend Creamery's Haystack and so many more. Eating those lovely cheeses -- with a baguette from Le Panier -- makes it easy to imagine you're sitting under the Effiel Tower. Ooh, la, la. No, wait, I guess that's The Space Needle.

lots of wined.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Merci to the French for inventing wine. Or was that the Romans? Who cares? Drink up!
No. 3: We love our homegrown wine

Calm down, oenophiles. Nobody's suggesting your beloved first-growth Bordeaux is going to best our powerhouse Washington state Cabs. We're still babies when it comes to making wine and the French are respected elder statesmen. But babies are pretty damn fun, right? And elder statesmen can be a bit futsy and tres expensive to boot. Still, I think we can all agree, wine makes meals a whole lot more enjoyable.

spring hill quiche.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Real Frenchmen eat quiche and you should too!
No. 2: Quiche

Merci beaucoup to the Seattle kitchen cranking out this fabulous egg custard pie. I have yet to taste a better version than the richy-rich quiche served at brunch at the former Spring Hill, now known as Ma'ono. Now, where's my damn Lipitor?

No. 1: Croissants

These flaky pastries are everywhere in Paris, but there are lots of mighty fine versions in Seattle. I absolutely devoured Seattle Magazine's search for the perfect croissant in the May issue. Food editor/restaurant critic Allison Austin Scheff must have put on at least five pounds doing the research on that piece, which concluded that the newcomer Ines was top dog. I'm pretty fond of the croissants from Dahlia Bakery, Bakery Nouveau and, you know what? Those bags o' croissants sold at Viet Wah aren't bad at all.

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