The Ultimate Beer Can Chicken from the Guys at Off the Rez Truck

(left to right) Chef Donovan MacInnis, Sous Chef Kelly MacInnis, Mark McConnell in front of their truck, Big Chief
Yesterday, Mark McConnell revealed the love of barbecue he shared with chef Donovan MacInnis which shaped the menu at Off the Rez. Today, McConnell shares a MacInnis family recipe from Guam. MacInnis and his brother, Kelly MacInnis are chef and sous chef at Off the Rez, where they created the barbecued pork fry bread taco that is now on the menu. "This is one of the best things I ate," said McConnell of MacInnis' Guam coconut chicken, the Chamorro Chicken Kelaguen. Does that mean that there may soon be a Guam coconut chicken served on a fry bread? One can only hope. Until then, the recipe awaits.

MacInnis Chamorro Chicken Kelaguen

one 3-5lb whole chickens


cherrywood for the barbecue

a tall boy beer of choice


1 medium sized coconut

fresh squeezed lemon juice

small spicy red chilies

white onion

green onions

Season chicken with salt the night before.

Drink half the tall boy and put the rest in the chicken's cavity.

Start the barbecue with the briquettes and cherrywood. Place the chicken on the barbecue for 2.5 hours or until the thighs reach 170 degrees when tested with a meat thermometer. You want to make sure the chicken and beer can is upright on the grill.

Crack the coconut in half along the equator with the backside of a heavy knife.

Save the coconut juice and baste the chicken with the juice during cooking

Pull the chicken meat off of bones and dice. Add diced meat and skin to a large mixing bowl.

Process coconut meat and add to the bowl. Add diced onions, chilies, and season with lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with a mixture of soy sauce, chili sauce, and lemon juice. Serve room temp on home made tortillas (but if you have fresh fry bread on hand, why the hell not?).

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