Sozo Wines: Let's Chug-a-Lug for Charity

Illustration by Andrew Saeger, tHE ARTdept.
Hey fellow lushes! I am so high on these new wines I tried this week, a perfect combo of beautifully blended fermented grape juice and a healthy helping of humanity. Talk about your feel good buzz.

Sozo Wines was launched by buds Martin Barrett and Monte Regier a few years ago, with this mission: Make some kick-butt wine and donate a portion of the price of each bottle back to community organizations that help fight hunger. Win-win wine. They hired seasoned winemaker Cheryl Jones, who used to be at Chateau Ste. Michelle back in the day (circa 1976).

And, yes, she makes some damn fine stuff, wine that comes with names such as Compassion (the unoaked Chardonnay) and Goodwill (the Cabernet Sauvignon.) Buy a $15 bottle of one of those and Sozo's contribution to various food banks and organizations like Food Lifeline will buy the equivalent of five meals.

sozo wine.jpg
Since this venture started, they've donated the equivalent of 60,000 meals to Food Lifeline alone.

The Wino actually tasted through some of Sozo's awesome, award-winning releases during a board meeting at the U-District Food Bank, blown away by the stellar quality of the Chardonnay, the Humanity Riesling and a blend of Syrah and Tempranillo called Generosity. And, boy, howdy, sipping wine during that meeting sure did make the financial reports portion of the evening a lot less dry.

You can order those online or/and there are a whole lot of Seattle restaurants featuring Sozo on wine lists including Canlis, Ten Mercer, Crush and Lola. During the month of May, Ivar's Salmon House will be selling bottles of Sozo wines for half price on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What's even cooler is the restaurants get to pick which hunger fighting program to support. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like a group hug. And a bottle or four of Sozo.

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