Photo by Julien Perry
Penn Cove clams, house pancetta, lemon thyme.
The Place: Serious Pie , 316 Virginia St., 838-7388, BELLTOWN.

The Hours: 3-5 p.m.


Serious $6 Happy Hour Pies at Serious Pie

Photo by Julien Perry
Penn Cove clams, house pancetta, lemon thyme.
The Place: Serious Pie, 316 Virginia St., 838-7388, BELLTOWN.

The Hours: 3-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The Digs: A tiny slice of space on the corner of 4th and Virginia, directly across the street from another Tom Douglas restaurant, Lola, Serious Pie fills up quickly with absolutely no room for those forced to wait for a table. The solution? Show up for happy hour. During the hours of 3-5 p.m. on weekdays, the place is virtually empty until the clock creeps toward the latter hour and sneaky peeps begin arriving to claim their spot for dinner. The mood at Serious Pie is not quite as calculating. The cavern-like narrow space lined with wooden tables and big cushy black chairs breeds contentment, especially when you look across to the other side of the room, behind the glass partition, and see the crew actually making your pizzas. Once you glance at the menu and see pies topped with cooked duck eggs, roasted hedgehog mushrooms and sweet fennel sausage and, "Oh, are those $5 wines?", the mood gets even lighter.

Actual size of a happy hour pizza. (Serious lie!)
The Deal: Discounted pies, pints and vino. That's the deal here. The happy hour pies ($6) are pretty much the same as the full-sized pies (which top out at $18) with the exception of the soft cooked duck eggs which are actually chicken eggs on the cheaper pies. But really, who cares? Our very own wino, Leslie Kelly, does, that's who. While dining with her, she quickly opted for the full-sized pie just to get the duck eggs. Girl has priorities! But she did indulge in the $5 wine offerings: a nice sized pour of either montepulciano or pinot grigio. I believe we both opted for the red which was very good and paired pretty darn well with our food. As for those pint specials: $4 for Two Beers immersion amber ale and Elliott Bay Brewing $3.14 ale.

The Verdict: We ordered the happy hour pizza with penn cove clams, house pancetta and parmigianno and the full-sized, full-priced pizza with soft-cooked duck eggs, garlic, spicy coppa and frisee. Both of the pizzas we ordered were fantastic. I especially loved the clam pizza because of the amount of parm they sprinkled on top. It was fresh and delicate and its sharp flavor melted right into the soft, slightly chewy clams . Ms. Kelly preferred the duck egg pie which I found a tad too boring compared to the spicy, salty clam pizza I was enjoying, but still delightful enough to choke down three pieces. Eating your least favorite pizza on a Tom Douglas menu is like spending the worst $10 bill in a pile of money. In addition to our four total glasses of wine, a plate of cured meats ($14), a full-sized pie ($16) and a happy hour pie, our bill was about $60. Not bad considering only one food item was discounted. We left full and happy, but not as happy as the party that got to snag our window seat.

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