Let's Get Our Weekend Bubbles On!

Illustration by Andrew Saeger, tHE ARTdept.
Hey fellow lushes! Nothing quite says TGIF like shaking up a sparkler and popping a cork that could possibly put out an eye, just like teams do when they win the big game. OK, I kid!

Seriously, though, I'm all for the weekend morning eye opener that combines champagne with a small "c" and a splash of OJ. What's great about a mimosa is that you can get away with using cheap and crazy good cava like Segura Viudas Rosé. Cava, of course, is Spanish for brut, which is French for wine with tiny bubbles that help make me feel like anything is possible. Want world peace? Pour everybody at the diplomatic table a tumbler of bubbly and we'd all be high-fivin' and hugging by the end of a bottle or three.

While I'm getting all political, at last weekend's Taste Washington, I fell hard for some sparkling wine that has been poured at state dinners at The White House.

Actually, veteran, German-born winemaker Juergen Grieb at Treveri Cellars in Yakima didn't even mention that when pouring freaking lovely samples of his brut blanc de blanc and extra brut, as well as a sparkling Syrah. The Wino experienced instant validation in my high opinion of this stuff when the sommelier in a suit standing next to me emphatically shook the winemaker's hand, raving that the wine was one of the best things he had put in his mouth all weekend. Golly.

The wines were definitely worth gushing about, especially at $14 a bottle. They're crisp and bright, dry but not in that annoying, mouth-puckering way.

After coming around for seconds on the final day of the two-day event, I put the wine to the food compatibility test and it was even better when sipped with a seared scallop that had been prepared by the new chef at RN-74. Uh-oh. When I started making those embarrassing moans of delight, a couple of snob-a-rinos shot me that "get-a-room" look.

Come to think of it, these Treveri Cellars sparklers might be too good to muddy up with the addition of juice or Elderflower syrup or a dash of fancy bitters. But, then again, there's not a damn thing wrong with having a glass of bubbly for breakfast on the weekend.

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