Getting Juiced at Broadway Farmers Market

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Photo by Leslie Kelly
Brendin Myett and Matthew Parker working hard to keep the farmers market shoppers juiced.
It was a pretty spectacular day for the Broadway Farmers Market's season debut. The sidewalks were crammed with shoppers loading up on gorgeous bouquets, sweet asparagus, tender spring greens, spuds, goose eggs and lots of other locally grown foodstuff.

Some of the longest lines were at two brand new vendors, Juice Box and Kedai Makan, which serves Malaysian street food.

Juice Box was cranking out its clever combos as quickly as that powerful juicer would run, but the orders kept piling up. "That's not such a bad problem to have," said Kari Brunson, one of the owners. She's a former dancer for Pacific Northwest Ballet, who has worked as a line cook at Ethan Stowell's restaurants and teamed up on this venture with her significant other Brendin Myett, who's sous cheffed around the city.

Their "urban juicery" rolled out at the Broadway Farmers Market -- every Sunday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Seattle Community College -- and will also be making appearances at the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

The whole juice thing is really hot right now. (Even Starbucks is testing a juice bar concept.) But this venture has a pretty noble mission: to focus on the fruits and veggies grown 'round here. Though, a few of the ingredients in that awesome RPP drink come from far, far away. But it tastes so dang good, it's hard to throw cold water on that mix of red peppers, coconut water, pineapple and Key lime.

Put your order in for one of those juices and head over to stand in the (glacial) line for Kedai Makan or saunter down the side walk a bit. That's where you'll find the best damn tamales in Seattle. El Chito sells pork, chicken and veggie tamales for $3.15 apiece. Go ahead and smother 'em in the excellent homemade salsa.

Or, if you're more in the mood for something breakfast-y, try Honest Biscuits. Yesterday, a gorgeous drag queen was selling those flour-y gems. Yup, you gotta love the Broadway Farmers Market!

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