Yang with Family.jpg
Yang and Chirchi with Pike.
Rachel Yang juggles a trifecta of jobs: chef, restaurateur, and mother. In no particular order, since on any given day,


Revel and Joule's Rachel Yang Talks Kids

Yang with Family.jpg
Yang and Chirchi with Pike.
Rachel Yang juggles a trifecta of jobs: chef, restaurateur, and mother. In no particular order, since on any given day, one role might demand more than the next. But if the acclaim of her and her husband's restaurants, the deliciousness of their food, and undeniable cuteness of their son Pike offer any hints, it's clear that all three jobs are more than worth their weight.

Both classically trained, Yang and spouse Seif Chirchi opened Wallingford's Joule five years ago, followed by Fremont's lauded Revel and adjoining bar Quoin in late 2010. A 2012 Best Chef: Northwest James Beard Award semifinalist, Yang earned a 2009 James Beard semifinalist nomination for Rising Star Chef of the Year.

Below, Yang talks about feeding young diners, her son, and herself. Congrats are in order, Yang and Chirchi are excited to welcome a second son this May.

Do many young diners eat at your restaurants? Are most well behaved?

We do often get young diners at both of our restaurants. We love when they ask their parents if they can sit at the counter so they can watch! Kids get really fascinated by watching chefs cook. It's great to see parents and kids talk about food and try things they don't normally try at home.

How does your son's diet differ from yours when you were growing up?

When I was growing up in Korea, there wasn't really much difference between kid food and adult food. I think I got introduced to a lot of things that grown-ups eat really fast, like spicy kimchi, fermented vegetables and raw seafood!

When you're not at work, where does your family eat out?

Since we both work at nights, we often try to have lunch together as a family. We love walking down to Kisaku sushi restaurant in Tangletown. It's a neighborhood institution and their lunch menu offers wide variety of items. Pike loves their Nabeyaki udon.

Can you share any advice or offer tips for dining out with kids?

Our son is still pretty young, so at 20 months it's challenging. We usually bring little snacks, books and games to keep him occupied until the food arrives at the table. We also try to order a wide variety of foods for him to taste.

Where do you shop for food as a family? Do you have a favorite farmers market?

We are lucky that we can just walk over to Wallingford Farmers Market, which we literally did every Wednesday last Summer with Pike. Pike loves all kinds of summer fruits, like berries and peaches. It's funny to watch him walking around the market just grabbing fruit from all the stands and chowing down! Of course, he doesn't get the concept that you have to pay before you can eat. He can eat a peach that's about half the size of his face at once. The guys at Martin Family Orchard often give Pike a free peach because they think it's a great advertisement. When he sits there eating the whole peach, everyone stops and buys peaches from them!

Do you think it's important to teach kids about eating local? If so, how do you make that narrative interesting?

I think the farmer's market is the perfect place for kids to understand and to see there are people who grow and care about the food they eat. I often see a lot of families come out to the farmer's market together and have a picnic in the afternoon with food they get at the market. I think that's a really great way to have a meal together as a family.

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