Elliott's Halibut Tostada's Off Da Hook

halibut tostada.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Get in my mouth, you beautiful halibut tostada!
No, fish fans, we're never going to be able to turn back the clock to the good old days when halibut was cheap. The price is reeedick, especially for the first-of-the-season stuff, caught locally around the San Juan Islands.

But, damnit, I don't care. I'm those fools willing to pay the sky-high prices because nothing says spring to my mouth like this sublime fish. This past week, after halibut first surfaced, I've swooned over an inspired preparation at Palace Kitchen (want to do shots of that intoxicating green garlic sauce) and won raves at home for a DIY dish I whipped up using hali I found on sale at QFC for only $20.

If you want to taste what all the fuss is about, head to Elliott's for the fan-freaking-tastic $12 tostadas, built on tortillas fried in duck fat, which I tried at a hosted lunch on Wednesday.

I'm a huge fan of all things surf-and-turf, but this might be the best example of feather-and-fin food I've ever eaten.

Those flour tortillas puff up crispy in the molten duck fat, yet they're still sturdy enough to pick up with your hands. Hey, I know Elliott's is a nice restaurant, but if it's called a tostada, I'm not going to bother with a knife and fork. Besides, eating with my mitts is a more effective for cramming a big bite into my gaping maw.

Never fear, these tostadas aren't overloaded. Just a fine combination of ripe avocado, chopped jalapenos and a creamy tomatillo salsa drizzled over the top of the grilled-just-right halibut. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Another round please!

If you find a tastier halibut dish at a lower price in Seattle, let me know and lunch is on me. Seriously.

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