For so long, I'd heard about the great value and quality of Travelers Tea Company in Capitol Hill. I still haven't made it there, but


Travelers Thali House Encourages (Sexual) Variety

For so long, I'd heard about the great value and quality of Travelers Tea Company in Capitol Hill. I still haven't made it there, but a trip to the south side of town provided the perfect opportunity to try the sister restaurant, Travelers Thali House, in Beacon Hill. It's a pleasant place with a wide assortment of Indian food (vegetarian and vegan offerings) that includes small plates (gol guppa is great), breads, salads, sweets, and more. (It's also an intriguing place to bring the kids.)

To maximize my first experience at Travelers, I went for the full thali. (There's a deluxe that adds bread, a beverage, and dessert, or a shorti if you want less.) The platter came with small tastes of two sabzis (vegetarian entrees), basmati rice, dal (lentil soup), salad, raita, pickle, chutney, fruit, a small sweet, and a papadam. (The papadam fell off the tray and cracked into pieces on the floor. I got a replacement, but not in time for the photo.) This would be a filling and fascinating meal for just $15.

So what does Travelers Thali House's thali teach us about sex?

It's all about the joy that variety brings.

My thali looked like an edible artist's palette. Instead of a paintbrush, I'd dip my fork into the various metal bowls, sampling each carefully and seeing how it blended with the next. The moong dal of butternut squash had garlic and ginger notes. After a little bite, I'd cleanse my palate with the basmati rice, then go for a forkful of carrot and methi (fenugreek leaf), with its balance of sweet and bitter. Lots of softness so far, so I'd reach for the papadam and enjoy its crispness. Following this, maybe a bite of achaar pachrange, a pickle that's salty, sour, and spicy, stimulating my appetite. On to a taste of the pear raita, which would be one of my favorite items, the pear's sweetness infiltrating creamy, herbed yogurt. Okay...maybe more rice, or another piece of papadam. Then cabbage peanut salad, the lime in the dressing offering a citrusy, refreshing note. More rice. Oh...don't forget some mango chutney with that. I'd repeat all these dishes, maybe in a changed order, and then finish with saffron kheer (not shown)--like a basmati rice pudding with cardamom, almonds, and saffron.

Exploring and enjoying different tastes and textures, with varied sequences of bites, nibbles, scoops, and swirls, made this a delicious experience.

It's the same with sex.

Try to continually expand your repertoire. Even within one act, incorporate some variety. Think about the Seinfeld gang discussing the sex routine in "The Fusilli Jerry" episode. There's a progression of moves, ending in the ultimate Move, said to be a swirl instead of a pinch.

Formulas can be nice, but don't get stuck in a predictable rut. That can get boring. Take, for example, the heterosexual porn formula. Sure, there's variety, but soon every scene seems the same: Disrobing, cursory kissing, quick cunnilingus, extended fellatio, pvi (penile-vaginal intercourse: missionary, rear, woman on top--cowgirl or not), more fellatio, maybe anal, and then the cumshot, which might be facial.

Be creative. Give yourselves time. The bad news: Studies show that the average sex lasts three to ten minutes. The good news: Foreplay adds another twenty minutes. So we're pushing thirty minutes for the whole "act." That's ample time to try new things, and you can even strive to extend your play time. You don't need a gym-nasty-cal, marathon session, but why not see how far you can go? Soon your session will go from shorti to full to deluxe, and--like the thali--will be full of creamy, spicy, and delicious variety.

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