This week, our assault on your New Year's diet continues with a tribute to the most absolutely delicious of obscenely caloric breakfast treats. French Toast


Seattle's Top 5 French Toast Spots

This week, our assault on your New Year's diet continues with a tribute to the most absolutely delicious of obscenely caloric breakfast treats. French Toast has come a long way since the 1600s, when it was a dish of toasted bread soaked in wine, sugar and orange juice.

All five of the spots we've chosen have their own "wine free" take on the dish, but each of them are equally over the top with naughty, carb-laden sweetness and each could prove brutal on your thighs.

Portage Bay Café -(4130 Roosevelt Way N.E). With a menu that boasts six variations on egg-soaked breads, Portage Bay could have filled every slot on our list on their own.

It's not cheap, but hot damn - Lemon Curd. Are you kidding me?

Here they are in all their ridiculous glory:

French Toast

Three slices of homemade challah bread are dipped in our

vanilla egg batter and grilled, 11

Apple Cobbler French Toast

Our homemade challah bread is given an oatmeal-crumb

crust, griddled up and covered with an organic apple compote

and a drizzle of vanilla creme anglaise, 12

Lemon Curd French Toast

Three slices of organic country white bread French toast,

homemade lemony ricotta cheese, tart lemon curd sauce,

organic blueberries, 12

Oven-baked French Toast

Our homemade bread is soaked overnight in a ginger and

blackberry custard, baked, sliced and griddled 'til golden.

Served with a drizzle of vanilla creme anglaise, 12

Bananas Foster French Toast

Three slices of our challah French toast, housemade Myer's

rum caramel sauce, sautéed organic, fair-trade bananas, 12

and even....

Gluten-Free French Toast

A little denser than our classic French toast, slices of our

homemade gluten-free bread are soaked in vanilla custard

and gridded up golden, 12


Macrina Bakery - (1943 First Ave. S.) Eggs and Brioche are a match made in taste bud heaven and Macrina is the home of (insert angelic choir here) Brioche French Toast. Huge chunks of Brioche are dipped and cooked then topped with spiced apple cider caramel sauce, toasted pecans and cinnamon whipped cream. It's served with Zoe's Chicken Apple Sausage on the side.

Geraldine's Counter- (4872 Rainier Ave. S.) The mythology surrounding the magical and much ballyhooed French Toast at this Columbia City destination location has something to do with sourdough bread soaked overnight, cooked in pools of butter and served with fresh fruit that varies daily.

Meander's is like an underground club in New York City--If you're not smart enough to find them, they don't want you there..and they only take cash.

Meander's- (6032 California Ave. S.W.)This tiny little shop tucked away from the chaos of the Junction in West Seattle makes a French Toast that's golden and crunchy on the outside with a chewy, almost cake-like consistency in the middle. The batter is heavily spiced and so flavorful you could in theory forgo the syrup. But since it's sitting there making maple eyes at you, you probably won't.

Glo's-(1621 E. Olive Way) When it comes to breakfast items it's damn near impossible to keep Glo's off our lists. We recently raved about their Eggs Benedict, we could go on for days about their coffee cake, but their French Toast is just as note worthy. They do a basic variation with white bread or cinnamon raisin bread using whole eggs, buttermilk and real butter in their batter. However, it's the Stuffed French Toast filled with Marionberry jam and cream cheese that will shame you with its rich decadence.

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