Kylie's Chicago Pizza Fills Your Mouth and Makes You Moan

Last week, Sexy Feast took me to Queen Margherita in Magnolia for thin-crust, Neapolitan-style pizza. This week, in celebration of National Pizza Week, I wanted more pizza, but something a little different.

Luckily, last month I purchased a Seattle Weekly VOICE Daily Deal for Kylie's Chicago Pizza. For $12, I had $24 to spend, which would cover any of the nine Chicago-style, deep dish pizzas. I went with the "Combo." The cornmeal crust stands tall, holding a layer of cheese and lots of chunky tomato sauce. The Combo is stuffed with fillings: pepperoni, sweet fennel sausage, onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and black olives. It's a beauty to behold, and will certainly make you wonder, "How am I going to take this whole thing in?"

So what does Kylie's Chicago-style pizza teach us about sex?

It's all about deciding whether to go deep.

As I'm from Long Island, my preferred pizza is New York-style. You grab a slice, fold it so the edges almost meet, let the grease drip down to the paper plate, and then eat out of hand. That said, deep dish pizza is fun for a change, as it's impressive in its heft, with the meaty version like a "masculine quiche." But not everyone is as accepting of both styles as me, even with my New York bias. In the eating out battle of Chicago versus New York, some people like going deep, while others gag on the thought.

It's the same with oral pleasuring, including fellatio.

Many people enjoy deep kissing. A probing tongue plays inside each partner's mouth, and the swirling of tongues excites the many nerve endings they contain. Others, though, are uncomfortable with this and keep the kissing to the lips, as if seeing another's tongue as a snake, and saliva as venom.

And then there's deep throating, a form of fellatio in which the penis is taken deep into the partner's mouth, reaching the throat. This can cause a gag reflex, which might ultimately be unpleasant for both parties. The "insertee" may enjoy deep throating, though it's possibly from the satisfaction of providing (perceived) pleasure to his or her partner. Note that the act doesn't have to be uncomfortable for the insertee. Training helps. Certain positions tend to be more comfortable in relaxing the throat, such as lying on the back with the head just off the bed and tipped downward, which levels the mouth and throat closer to a straight line.

For the "insertor," the thrill may also be more psychological than physical. This comes from a sense that the partner is really into him and his penis by demonstrating a desire to completely "devour" the penis. In actuality, though, most of the stimulation comes from the lips and the tongue, so deep throating can be under-stimulating and overrated.

As with choosing pizza, the decision to go deep is a personal one. You'll want to discuss it with your companion, but in the end, you must feel comfortable with your choice. Fortunately, through thick and thin, there are many paths to pleasure.

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