Here's A Great Problem To Have: Too Much Leftover Wine

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Hey fellow lushes! The Wino was digging through the pantry, doing a major post-holiday purge and - damn! - there were a whole bunch of bottles, mostly half empty (or half full, if you're one of those annoyingly perky optimists).

I thought about doing what we used to do in college, pouring it into the tub and calling it spodie. But I just don't have enough buds anymore who are willing to dip a cup into that kind of wicked brew.

Man, I hate waste. So, I reached out to a few fellow wine scribes and asked what they do with their leftovers.

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Just another Tuesday night at The Wino's house. Now, what to do with all the leftovers?
Do they make vinegar? Water their herbs? Turn it into a calming body scrub? Not so much. Most of these guys said: What do you mean? We never have leftover wine!

Frank Guanco, who writes a blog called Going For Seconds, is hardcore. "I'm of the belief that there should never be leftover wine at the end of the night. Power through and persevere!"

If he does have extra, he uses it to braise or deglaze pans. Same goes for Cork Dork Chris Nishiwaki, aka the dude with the cast-iron liver, who writes about wine on

And Jameson Fink echoed those saucy sentiments.

"What is this leftover wine you speak of?" he joked. "Actually, it's something I do encounter frequently. I like to cook up a bunch of onions and garlic in a pan, pour the wine in to deglaze, and let cook down slightly. Then I toss it into a crock pot and start building a stew. For something sweet, add sugar (I like a few generous grinds of black pepper, too) and reduce until you have a syrup. It's fantastic on vanilla ice cream."

Washington Wine Report's Sean Sullivan says he ends up pouring more wine down the drain in a week than most people drink in a year. When he was putting together his Top 100 for Seattle Metropolitan, he would sample 75 wines a day. "I can't drink them all for obvious reasons," Sullivan said. So, he invites friends over and sends them home with open containers. Sweet!

All good suggestions, but in the end, The Wino decided to go all Martha Stewart on this project. Hold up! There's a twist.

I poured the leftover wine into ice cube trays and froze them. The plan? The first day of spring I'm going to throw a sangria smoothie party! Wanna come?

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