In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra and Sid Vicious: "Regrets, I've had a few." As the end of the year approaches we all begin


Seattle's Top 5 Food Resolutions


In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra and Sid Vicious: "Regrets, I've had a few." As the end of the year approaches we all begin to reflect on the high and low lights of last year's dining experiences, the food mistakes we've made in 2011, and the ones we won't be repeating in 2012. As short or long as your personal list of food regrets may be, here are a few resolutions we can all benefit to live by:

1. End Habitual Dining Habits - Resolve to cook one new meal, try one new dish, and one new restaurant or bar a month. Given the cost of dining out, it may seem like the safest, easiest bet to visit "the old reliable" in your neighborhood, but by doing so you are inevitably missing out. If you walk into an establishment to be greeted like Norm from Cheers, and wave your order to any server on duty with hand signals, I'm talking to you. Use the magic power of the Internet to get your booty out of the booth indented with your personal ass grooves and walk on the wild side. Google your favorite dish at said go-to eatery, see who else does it well, and you're on your way to culinary adventure land.

You might as well submerge 400 dollar bills in water and cook for 6 hours at 165 degrees....
2. Vow to Avoid Trendy Cooking Gadgetry - Remember this as you pack up and move that $400 Sous Vide machine into the bowels of your garage, next to your turkey deep fryer and the ton of crap you acquired to do your own canning.

3. Trust your "Food Gut" - We've all fallen victim to this costly mistake. Who hasn't let an overly persuasive and/or sexy server lead you into dining territory that sets off an instinctual red flag? As great as it is to be spontaneous, if your internal radar is screaming "nooooooooo!" it's probably for a good reason.

You can do it. Make like it's the 80s and JUST SAY NO...

4. Take a Pass on Bad Holiday Food - Don't let guilt lead you into consuming 800 calories worth of awfulness you practically have to plug your nose to swallow. Say it with me, "I solemnly resolve to never, ever again take a bite of green bean, mushroom soup, crunchy onion casserole (or the worst thing on the table at your family gathering) so help me deity of my choosing." Repeat until you are strong enough to resist the sad, defeated look in old Aunt Ethel's eye.

5. Give Second Chances - Unless you've been poisoned upon first visit, vow to give dining establishments another shot. Anyone can have an off night. If you happened upon a server or chef who's been dumped or had their cat meet an untimely demise within 24 hours of your dining experience, your food/service will most certainly be effected. Give these spots, especially the ones trusted friends and critics are loving, the benefit of the doubt. That being said, if it's bad news again, avoid them like the plague.

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