The Place: List , 2226 1st Avenue 98121, 441-1000 BELLTOWN

The Hours: Sunday & Monday: All Day, Tuesday - Thursday: 4:00 - 6:30pm & 9pm


Happy Hour by the Bottle at List in Belltown

The Place: List, 2226 1st Avenue 98121, 441-1000 BELLTOWN

The Hours: Sunday & Monday: All Day, Tuesday - Thursday: 4:00 - 6:30pm & 9pm - Midnight, Friday & Saturday: 4:00 - 6:30pm

The Digs: List, like its older sibling Barolo Ristorante, downtown, has a distinctly un-Seattle feel about it, in the best kind of way. As the always-packed Barolo has shown, Seattleites--despite their jeans and fleece uniforms--do like to squeeze into intimately-lit spaces with plush white couches, rich red tones, and modern styled furniture. List, as the baby sister, provides much of the same feel, minus the intense happy hour crowds. It supplies a sophisticated, almost 'LA' feel, yet isn't quite as over the top in ambience as Barolo. So many other places in Seattle are missing opulent feel of List's open space and sleek design; it's nice to feel a little spoiled sometimes. If that's not enough, you'll surely feel luxurious when you sit down in the loo--ladies, those seats are heated.

The Deal: The $14 bottles of wine at happy hour are always singing their siren song from the little outdoor patio. Despite their reasonable price, don't expect to drink the bottom of the barrel. Wines at happy hour vary often and the only choice is red, white, or rosé, but they're always quality. Hearty Italian reds like a Nero d'Avola or a Sangiovese are usually pouring, and the wines are excellent for drinking while eating, which is a necessity since the half-price food menu is extensive and enticing.

The gnocchi in black truffle cream ($5.50 at happy hour) provides the same indulgent feel as the just-a-little-too-loud music and low lighting. There is no possible need for that much flavor, cream, cheese, and salt to be together in one dish, yet there is no way not to eat it when it's in front of you. It works, as does the rest of the menu, which is much less likely to kill you (see: grilled octopus salad or roasted onion chicken with seasonal mushrooms) and equally cheap. The entire food menu is half-off during happy hour and includes a selection of small plates that aren't always that small, but with prices that are.

The Verdict: List manages to do everything a good happy hour should: serve enough (and cheap enough) drinks and little bites of food to keep you smiling long past the appointed 'happy' hours (of which there are ample). The spacious spot is easy to get to from downtown and is rarely too crowded to bring in a group of friends big enough to do damage to a few bottles of wine. The small plates are light enough to snack on before a dinner later, but cheap enough to fill up on if they are intended to be dinner. For Seattleites, it offers a break from microbrews and flannel-clad bartenders with beards, and for transplants from LA or New York, it offers a little reminder of what it's like to wear heels to happy hour.

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