Injured Wino Seeks Comfort Food Pairings

Illustration by Andrew Saegar, tHE ARTdept.
Hey fellow lushes!

So, I busted my arm on Black Friday, wrestling with another crazed shopper over a bottle of $100 wine that had been marked down to $10. I lost the battle.

OK, that's complete fiction. I tumbled down the stairs in my house, but that sounds so boring. Still, there was alcohol involved. I was running down to double check a recipe for bourbon milk punch before a few friends came over to trim the tree.

Instead of sipping on that alt-nog drink, I spent the evening hanging out at urgent care. And you know how much fun that can be. Even with a shot of industrial strength painkiller before sending me on my way.

Yeah, so there's nothing funny about having a fractured hummerus, but the upside is that my friends have been delivering all sorts of yummy meals. Which gave me a good excuse to try pairing up some wine with these feel-good foods.

The best of the bunch was a spicy beaut of a Barbera served alongside Brian's Bacon-Spiked Mac-and-Cheese. I love this Italian varietal typically grown in Tuscany, where it can be as brawny as Fabio, circa 1997. This release is from a winery in Walla Walla called Le Chateau, which is pretty funny considering the winery's in a cinderblock building by the airport. But there's a pretty portrait of a Chateau painted on the side.

They could call it Le Barn for all I care because that velvety smooth Barbera really hit the spot, and by spot, I mean the pleasure palace in the brain that helps you forget you're wearing a sling that doesn't match a damn thing in your closet!

Of course, part of the reason I adored the wine is because it went well with the creamy, cheesy pasta. I'd have to check the history books, but I'm pretty sure the Italians invented wine because it tastes so fantastic with any kind of noodle. Or, maybe it's the other way around. A chicken/egg brain teaser best discussed over large platters of pasta with lots of Le Chateau Barbera at the ready.

Next up, I'm going to be experimenting with what wine goes best with Christmas cookies. Any suggestions?

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