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The Truck: Street Treats , locations found on Facebook and Twitter .

The Fare: Your childhood desserts, but fancier.

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Street Treats Has Earned Its Street Cred

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The Truck: Street Treats, locations found on Facebook and Twitter.

The Fare: Your childhood desserts, but fancier.

The Stop: Sometimes I wish that all U.S. Postal trucks would wheel around homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches and fancy rice krispy treats instead of credit card statements and bills. And by sometimes, I mean that I wish for this all the time.

From her converted, biodiesel mail truck, Sweet Treats owner Diane Skwiercz serves grown-up versions of our favorite childhood desserts that bring us back to our carefree childhoods, where adult things like paying electricity bills were our parents' worries, not our own.

Skwiercz got her truck running in June 2010 after over a year of planning and developing her menu with a baker. She can't quite remember what prompted her to think of starting this business, but she knows that with her love of sweets and traveling, opening a dessert truck and catering business made sense.

Street Treats' customizable menu definitely makes sense - especially for those seeking a heavy dose of nostalgia. Take the ice cream cookie sandwiches ($4.50-$5), for instance. You'd think it'd be a no-brainer to serve up these treats, which in their basic form, aren't anything new to the ice cream truck scene. Remember those traditional ice cream sandwiches, with the boring-as-vanilla vanilla ice cream, and the thin slabs of chocolate cookies that would stick to the pads of your fingers as you sat on the curb those summery days long, long ago? Skwiercz's ice cream sandwiches are like those, but a whole lot better.

Hers are made from freshly baked cookies and freshly churned ice cream.

Street Treat's cookie list is mouth wateringly overwhelming, to the point that I had trouble choosing which one to order. Staples like chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and snickerdoodles, are available, and so are more unique flavors, like fudge thumbprints with white chocolate peppermint, lime poppy seed cookies, or honey cookies.

The rotating ice cream list can seem just as daunting, with coffee, mint chip, and peanut butter gracing the menu, alongside the traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Chocolate chip cookie sandwich, filled with vanilla ice cream.
I wound up ordering a chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich, a basic but delightful choice. Bite into the cookies from one end, and the velvet-smooth vanilla ice cream slips out from between on the other end. Eating it is a messy, slightly gruesome process, made satisfying by the play of textures. That chocolate chip cookie is surely made from a recipe that would make your grandma envious, chewy and soft and crispy all in one bite. Pair that with the creaminess of the homemade ice cream, and you've got your dressed-up version of milk and cookies.

For those who aren't in the mood for ice cream during this blustery weather, Street Treats also sells just as awesome cookie sandwiches ($3), which include magical fillings that aren't ice cream.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the sugar cookie with toasted coconut and homemade caramel. The coconut caramel filling weld the cookies together, and create a taste that kept reminding my nostalgic self of those Girl Scout Caramel deLites - minus the stripes of chocolate.

Other cookie sandwiches on the menu are the chocolate cookie sandwich with peppermint filling, and the chocolate with coffee filling, to name two.

The nostalgic offerings don't stop there. Street Treats also sell homemade marshmallows that are dipped in chocolate and topped with fillings. Customers can order s'mores, too, if they're pining for their campfire days.

But one of the truck's most asked-for treats, according to Skwiercz, is the salted brown butter rice krispy treats that are both sweet and salty. They might stick to your teeth, but that doesn't matter - more for later.

Your sweet tooth will find its sweet spot at Street Treats, which has earned its street cred.

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