Hey Twilight Fans! Sink Your Fangs Into Bella's Ravioli

Unless you've been living in a cave (or a coffin), it should come as no shock that Breaking Dawn, the latest Twilight movie, is out this week, in all its smoking hot, bloodsucking brilliance.

But the really big, red hot news for us food lovers is the launch of a new pasta product, Bella's Ravioli. This frozen entree is based on a dish that Bella ordered while on her first date with Edward. You know, the date during which simmering passions boiled over into the kind of full-throttle lust normally reserved for Harlequin novels. Even though, yes, that pasta dish features garlic.

That first dinner happened at Bella Italia, which happens to be a real-life restaurant in Port Angeles and when Stephenie Meyer's book became a runaway best-seller in 2005, fans began making the pilgrimage to the place to order that dish.

Bella Italia owner Neil Conklin said they've served more than 10,000 orders of the mushroom ravioli since it was immortalized in print.

Now, you no longer have to take a trip to the Olympic Pennisula to sink your teeth into this dish. I tried it earlier this week and it was a lot better than I was expecting it to be.

That's not a slam. It's just that I've grown to expect all frozen dinners to pretty much suck. And this one was darned tasty, savory pasta pockets generously filled with well-seasoned mushrooms and topped by a creamy white sauce and sliced 'shrooms. I baked it in the oven until it got bubbly and served it to a coven of persnickety pals who gave it glowing marks.

It's $11, so it's not exactly your typical Budget Gourmet. Still, at that price, it's cheaper than a car trek and a ferry ride to Port Angeles. If you can't find it in your supermarket's freezer, you can always order it direct from the restaurant.

Now, if you could only figure out how to heat it up while waiting in line in the cold and dark for that first midnight showing...

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