Cursing About Tom Douglas' Made-to-Order Donut Holes

This tiny lump of dough has garnered some very big reactions.
The Place: Dahlia Bakery, 2001 4th Ave.; 206-441-4540.

The Hole: "Ok let's get one thing straight here," wrote Yelp reviewer kim n. "Tom Douglas' Dahlia Bakery Donuts are FUCKING AWESOME!"

That's how I found myself at 7:30 a.m. drooling over the display case of bite-sized coconut cream pies at the Dahlia Bakery.

But there wasn't a donut in sight. I asked the woman at the counter about the lack of obvious holey snacks.

"It's on the menu," she explained. "They're made fresh to order in bags of six."

Let me repeat that for you "made fresh to order."

The Shit: About five minutes after ordering my $6 bag of donuts, I got a call from the counter and picked up a very warm bag. Inside I found six little lumps of puffed dough.

There were also two sauce cups, one with a kind of vanilla icing; the other filled with applesauce.

I bit into the first tiny pillow. It was like biting into a cloud.

Most of the flavor came from the sugar coating the square--the dough itself barely registered on my taste buds.

But like squares of bland tofu swimming in curry, Douglas' donuts seem to be all about taking on and enhancing the flavors of the additions.

Dipped into the icing my fluffy little carb pillow turned from meh pastry to vanilla flavor explosion. Add on the applesauce (allowing you to deceive yourself into thinking it's kind of healthy-ish) and it transforms again to something verging on the Platonic ideal of breakfast pastry.

Fucking awesome? Well, maybe not the raw donut itself. But with the Douglas touch (and a couple sauce cups) the Dahlia donut certainly earns itself an expletive or two.

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