Going to the Incredible Feast?

Photo by Leslie Kelly
Matt's in the Market chef Chet Gerl is participating in Sunday's Incredible Feast.
Eating local is practically a religious experience here in the 206, with chefs preaching the farm-to-fork gospel. Can we get an amen? And then, please pass the platters heaped with grown-here veggies, meats, cheeses, and seafood.

Well, there's no better place to worship at the locavore altar than this Sunday at the seventh annual Incredible Feast at 6 p.m. at Swanson's Nursery. The Feast has an apt subtitle: "Where Farmers Are the Stars!"

Well, yes, but let's also hear it for the 25 uber-talented chefs participating in the event, which was moved this year from sweltering summer months to the temperate fall. Those chefs sure do make the foodstuffs provided by the farmers whom they're paired with taste mighty fine!

Take chef Chet Gerl, for instance.

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The chef at Matt's in the Market sounded positively giddy when describing the dish he'll be making with ingredients provided by Local Roots:

"I'm going to make a potato salad with Desiree and Yellow Finns, a mustardy potato salad with some hamhocks and crispy lardon," said Gerl, who recently returned from staging at Tertulia in New York City. "That will be served on peppercress, which are greens you don't see around here all that often. I love peppercress. It's awesome!"

Among the other fantabulous chefs doing wild and wonderful things with stellar ingredients:

Renee Erickson from Boat Street Kitchen and Walrus and The Carpenter is paired with Alm Hill Gardens.

Rachel Yang from Joule and Revel is matched with Cascadia Mushrooms and Bluebird Grain Farms.

Plum Bistro's Makini Howell will do her thing with Full Circle Farms.

Where Ya At Matt's Matthew Lewis is preparing lamb from Olsen Farms.

Dustin Ronspies from Art of the Table is working with Palouse Pastured Poultry.

Stokesberry Farms turkey will be turned into Thai sausage by Wiley Frank from the pop-up formerly known as Shophouse and now goes by Little Uncle.

Tamara Murphy, the woman who dreamed up this tribute to farmers and is opening up her highly anticipated Terra Plata very soon, is partnered with Skagit River Farms.

And there's much more! Click here for the full lineup.

Tickets for the Incredible Feast are $125, which benefits the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance Good Farmers Fund. So it's not just good food, it's feel-good food.

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