The Wino Drinks to Your Health With This Red

Illustration by Andrew Saegar, tHEARTdept.
Hey, fellow lushes! Did you hear the news this week, that some stinking study is questioning some other study that found red wine to have the power to make you live forever? OK, well, at least until you're ready to start living your own version of "The Golden Girls". (Thank you for being a friend!)

Don't these scientists have anything better to do than go around debunking perfectly good studies that allow us lushes to feel like we're drinking at the fountain of youth when we're pouring that fourth glass of Cab? Hey, Dr. Egghead, why don't you work on curing the common cold or bad breath??

I don't know about you, but I'm holding firm on the original contention that red wine is good for the heart as well as good for the soul. Repeat after me: Red wine is the yogurt of the drink world.

Go to the jump for The Wino's fave red of the week!

barnard griffin.jpg
That's why The Wino uncorked a bottle of Barnard Griffin's Cabernet-Merlot to herald this latest news . . . which will no doubt lead to another study.

This wine is a bottom-shelf sleeper, a $10 gem from a seasoned winemaker who has been making solidly consistent, super-delicious wine for 30 years. Talk about longevity! You go on with your bad self, Rob Griffin!

This blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and a little bit of cabernet franc is what wine geeks call a classic Bordeaux blend. It's got bunches of bright fruit, cherry and raspberry, and is ultra-smooth. Like Barry White.

I poured it alongside a chili verde, and that spicy dish brought out a peppery quality in the wine. Kind of like the way salsa makes chips taste so much better than plain old chips.

By the end of the meal, I was feeling so damn healthy, I jumped up and ran to the freezer for some artery-clogging ice cream. Because, you know, life is all about balance.

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