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Now we just need a subplot to get his shirt off . . . how hard could that be?!
The Dinner: Skinny lemon drops, Spinach


Ryan Reynolds, Nudity, and Poop Humor? We'll Change-Up Anything for That!

change up_reynolds1.JPG
Now we just need a subplot to get his shirt off . . . how hard could that be?!
The Dinner: Skinny lemon drops, Spinach Feta Dip, and Grilled Prawn Tacos at Earl's in Bellevue.

The Movie: The Change-Up at Lincoln Square Cinemas (700 Bellevue Way N.E.).

The Screenplate: And so the saga continues. Another month, another installment of Ryan Reynolds: An (Un)healthy Obsession, or as I call it, the perfect relationship. This time, my self-deprecating and devastatingly handsome husband-to-be joins forces with the seasoned comedian (and still boyishly handsome) Jason Bateman, who also seems to be making the rounds this summer. This childhood friendship-turned-awkward adult bromance tops most others of late (think Vaughn and Hill in The Dilemma) with its two secret ingredients: Leslie Mann and bathroom humor.

Like oil and water, Mitch (Reynolds) and Dave's (Bateman) adult lives just don't mix. While Mitch is out boning everything with a pulse, lighting up joints, and starring in "lornos," Dave is busting his hump as an attorney by day and a poop-covered Mr. Mom by night. Predictably, what comes to pass is a "grass is always greener" discussion amid a simul-pee in a public fountain. Leading to a full-tilt Freaky Friday fiasco, the men wake up to the harsh reality of getting what you asked for the next morning.

Getting what you ask for isn't always bad, however, like when you ask the waitress for a low-cal cocktail, and she quickly rattles off two options (including their caloric value), and what she thinks of each. The "Skinny Lemon Drop" definitely isn't for everyone, with its Splenda simple syrup and slightly Smarties-like flavor, but if you like a girly drink, then it hits the spot. Stopping at Earl's after work is exactly what Mitch would do, if he had a job, and just what Dave wishes he could do, if he could ever leave his job.

Although I doubt they'd order any appetizers before chowing down a 12 oz. Striploin steak or braised hickory back ribs, they'd be remiss to not try the light and grilled prawn tacos. Unfortunately, there were no Mitch lookalikes to be found at Earl's that night, so it was off to the theater to hopefully catch at least a glimpse or two of a shirtless Reynolds. One of the few movies this season that's worth seeing in the theater, even though no "Real D 3D" was involved, The Change-Up will have you cringing and laughing within 90 seconds of the opening credits, and counting your lucky stars you didn't get the Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert before the show.

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