Got ?evapi? Sarajevo Lounge Serves Bosnian Cuisine Alongside American Bar Fare

Happy hour eats at Sarajevo Lounge: $5 hummus plate and $7 cevapi.
The Place: Sarajevo Lounge, 2332 First Ave., 448-9000, BELLTOWN

The Hours: 4-7 p.m. Tues.-Sun.

The Digs: Named after the capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo Lounge operates as a restaurant by day and club by night. Its owners have transformed the former Del Rey space into a sleek chocolate-hued lounge accompanied by a dance floor, promoting it as the place to "party the European way."

The Deal: $5 small plates and well drinks, $4 wine, $2 beer. The pricing is standard for happy hour in the area, but the eclectic menu, featuring both Bosnian and American cuisine, sets Sarajevo Lounge apart from its peers.

Bosnian and Mediterranean cuisine are related closely enough that the menu will seem safe to even the most unadventurous eater, but your best bet is to skip the hummus and shell out a couple extra bucks to try the cevapi, a super-popular Eastern European dish comprising minced beef and lamb meat, served with housemade flatbread, chopped onions, and a spicy red-pepper paste called ajvar. If you must, the menu offers chicken strips and mozzarella sticks, but really, this is a Bosnian restaurant, so that's akin to ordering a salad at a steakhouse.

The Verdict: Unless you happen to be friends with a Bosnian who also knows his or her way around a kitchen, the opportunities to try Eastern European cuisine in this city are scarce. Sarajevo Lounge is worth checking out and offering your palate a break from all the sushi and tapas you typically rely on for happy hour.

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