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Siiri Sampson 2011
Seattle is officially getting played. The weather is complete crap and we're still coming back for more punishment, hoping every day will


Seattle's 5 Most Romantic Viewpoints

Siiri Sampson.jpg
Siiri Sampson 2011
Seattle is officially getting played. The weather is complete crap and we're still coming back for more punishment, hoping every day will really, truly, be the end of the grey and the start of nonstop sun. If we continue to submit ourselves to this pathetic, one-sided love affair, the least we can do is find a romantic place to do it, and someone we don't mind sharing it with.

And if the sun never comes out? Cut out the picture on the right, tape it to the inside of your sunglasses, and grab a mojito you can nurse while you cry behind your lenses. It's going to be a depressingly short summer, so check out our top-5 romantic viewpoints to enjoy it when it finally shows up.

5. Jack Block Park (Terminal 5)

Our very own Laura Onstot puts it best, giving us more than enough reasons to seek out this industrial hideaway, "It's easy to miss Port of Seattle's Jack Block Park, tucked as it is between piles of shipping containers and piles of industrial detritus. But next time you're heading to Alki to strut your tanned stems or catch a little beach volleyball, watch for the exit a mile south on Harbor Avenue. The sign is easy to miss, and it leads to a long drive that appears to be for the trucks picking up the containers. The drive empties onto an 11-acre mini-paradise, complete with grassy knolls, a playground, and a 45-foot-high observation deck that offers a postcard-worthy vista of the city. And with so many people headed for the meat-market beach a mile up the road, you can have it pretty much to yourself, even on the sunniest days."

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Port of Seattle

4. Bellevue Place Park (Bellevue Pl. E and Bellevue Ave. E)

At the corner of Bellevue Place, Bellevue Avenue, and Bellevue Court in North Capitol Hill, there's a great little pocket park with views of Lake Union. If you find yourself (and a midday make-out-worthy mate) roaming Cap Hill for a patch of grass to snuggle up on, check out this quiet spot for some sweet views of the water, boats, and the west side.

City of Seattle

3. Place Pigalle (81 Pike Place, behind Don & Joe's Meats)

Get yourself perched as close to the corner table as humanly possible, get a bottle of wine and some Calamari Dijonnaise, and enjoy the relaxed pace of a French meal on the edge of town. Rated as one of the top romantic restaurants of 2009, the small number of tables and intimate bar definitely puts this place high on the list for us (us being the ladies, so pay attention, potential suitors)!

place pigalle.jpg

2. Maximilien (81A Pike St.)

Edging out its French neighbor for a higher spot on the charts is Maximilien, rated Best of Seattle $3 mussels with a $1,000,000 view. Its charm is undeniable, the service is nothing short of perfection, as is the food. Rain or shine (we prefer shine), Maximilien has a happy hour on the patio that just can't be beat. If you're lucky enough to get a table with an umbrella, you can stretch out with a glass of bubbly, a sampler of all the best appetizers, and a companion to watch the sun dip behind the Olympics with, and forget about everything else, including the cars screaming past you just below on the viaduct.


1. Bainbridge to Seattle Ferry (270 Olympic Drive SE, Bainbridge Island)

Spend an afternoon checking out Winslow and all the shoreline that Bainbridge Island has to offer, and the sprint to catch the 8:55 p.m. ferry back to Seattle, to catch the most romantic view of all. A warm breeze from the upper deck, sun-burned shoulders from walking around all day, and a sunset to send you off pretty much sums up the perfect date, no? Now if we could only figure out how to get four-star dinner service on the Wenatchee...

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