Dick's Snohomish County Turf War

Blazing Onion brings the challenge to Dick's in Snohomish County.
Dick's Drive-In's Edmonds location is under construction and soon, Snohomish county residents will be able to stuff their faces with a deluxe and fries.

But the county to the north is not unburgered territory. There is already a beloved local, and expanding, burgerdom in Snohomish. David and Lori Jones founded Blazing Onion burger in 2007. With Dick's encroaching on his territory, Jones threw down. "I think the tastes we offer knocks their socks off." He said in an e-mail. "I challenge you."

Challenge accepted!

Blazing Onion's newest location at Alderwood Mall is more TGIFridays than quick 'n dirty burger hut. The expansive menu (which bottoms out at $8) includes everything from traditional cheese to a Pulp Fiction-esque Kahuna burger.

Realizing that a straight taste test alone isn't fair given the price-point difference, Jones added that his version contains 100 percent Angus ground chuck.

To see if that beef was enough to make it worth the extra cash, I navigated through the mass of shrieking preschoolers and underdressed teenagers at the mall to get my teeth around a Blazing Onion burger.

I ordered a standard cheeseburger as well as the house specialty. The cheeseburger was thicker and more flavorful than its Dick's counterpart, but not really worth the price difference and the headache-inducing interaction with mall teenagers.

The namesake Blazing Onion Burger was a different story. The house burger is served on an onion and cheese kaiser roll, loaded with onions, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, and slathered with some kind of mayonaise-based sauce.

"That's good," exhaled my burger-sampling companion, mouth filled with onions. It is one of the few burgers I've eaten in my life worth suffering a trip to the mall.

So if you're just looking for a quick-fix cheeseburger, Dick's new location in Edmonds will be your best bet. But if you're looking to really savor the experience, prepare yourself for halls filled with kids in Forever 21 gear and head for the mall.

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