Jake Vorono
I'm on a bus.
The Truck : Tacos El Asadero , 3517 Rainier Ave. S., 760-9903.

The Fare : Authentic Mexican.

The Stop


Tacos El Asadero Is the Bus of Your Dreams

Jake Vorono
I'm on a bus.
The Truck: Tacos El Asadero, 3517 Rainier Ave. S., 760-9903.

The Fare: Authentic Mexican.

The Stop: If Soul Plane was actually a bus parked in the Rainier Valley, it would be El Asadero. And every seat, a window seat. The old-school wonder is regally parked just a quarter of a mile south of Franklin High School and the Mt. Baker light-rail stop, and has been a neighborhood staple for almost a decade. There are plenty of generally solid taco trucks in the South End, but whhhyyyy would you go to a mere truck when you could order a spread of carne dishes from the back of a bus adorned with fake ivy and Christmas lights?

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Jake Vorono

El Asadero's bossy bus-ness one-ups nearly every taco truck in town, for a delicious constellation of reasons:

-- It's on a bus.

-- For seating, you can choose from indoor counters with stool seating that spans the front of the bus, or the breezy tent with Rainier Avenue as your ambience.

-- They take cards. edit: was informed by an informant that they are not taking cards. my bad.

-- Their veggie tacos are actually the business.

-- Their carnes aren't greasy, without compromising their richness. From the tortas with a sublime layer of mayo-sauce to the mulitas (tiny quesadillas) with a crescent of avocado to the gold standard tacos: No matter the meat, it's tender, flavorful, and not dripping with oil. The adobada, asada, lengua, and pollo are all delightfully on-point.

-- Besides being a quick walk away from light rail, they have ample parking on either side, and there's a bus stop steps away. They also have another location on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way and Othello, right outside the Othello station. Also a bus. Also awesome.

If I had to come up with a sour note, it'd be that the carnitas plate was a bit dry, although the accompanying beans and rice were outstanding. The only way to make El Asadero even better would be to add a selection of aguas frescas, as I am a horchata fiend, but they don't disappoint with their spread of sodas. It would also be better if the bus actually rolled around; a fantasy Metro bus. As soon as my income level reaches baller status, I will contact El Asadero to fashion me a taco-bus limo.

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