The Owners of Bottlehouse Pick Their Desert-Island Booze and Favorite Hangover Cures

Photo by Julien Perry
Soni Dave and Henri Schock have just hit the one-year mark as proud owners of Bottlehouse in Madrona. Next year, they'll be celebrating another anniversary--their own. The two have plans to tie the knot after a chance meeting at a wine-tasting four years ago (you can read all about it in part one of Grillaxin).

Dave's design background and Schock's wine and business degrees were the perfect marriage for a business plan: taking over an intimate space above the Wilridge Winery and transforming it into a tasting bar, wine shop, and event space. The young couple has spent the better part of their relationship planning a business and now a wedding, but how well have they planned for that inevitable event we all fear--being stranded on an island with only three choices of alcohol?

SW: You can only drink three types of booze for the rest of your life. What are they?

Dave: Prosecco. It's amazing how versatile it can be! Rosé is my second choice. To me, it just puts a smile on everyone's face. It's a happy wine. And it can go either direction with weather. It's a perfect wine. The last would be an aperitif on the rocks with a twist, like Cocchi Americano. You can go with a lemon or orange twist.

Schock: A Southern French white wine. Anything from the Languedoc. Anything really bright, minerally, refreshing. You can drink tons of it because it's low-alcohol. Second, a Sancerre rosé from Loire, a rosé that's made out of pinot noir. So delicate and just amazing flavor complexities. Lastly, yeah, an aperitif like Cocchi Americano. It's like Lillet before they changed their recipe. It's not as viscous or sweet. I can drink that all day, every day. We should make one right now!

What do you hate to drink?

Schock: Anything with bananas.

Dave: Nothing.

Do you have any hangover cures?

Schock: Drink more the next day.

Dave: For me it's pho.

Schock: Yeah, pho's a good hangover cure. I like drinking more, though. If I'm hungover, aperitifs are awesome.

If you could only have three food items on your menu, what would they be?

Schock: Salumi meats, Ballard Bee honey, and Beecher's cheese curds.

Dave: Our Bottlehouse Baguette, Beecher's cheese curds and Castelvetrano olives.

Boxed wine. Yay or nay?

Schock: I love boxed wine. I would use boxed wine for a picnic or a party; take it out of its original box and put it into a bottle. I think any alternative method of packaging wine is a good thing.

Photo by Julien Perry
Who were/are you the most nervous to pour wine for?

Schock: I've never been nervous pouring wine for anyone, but Kyle MacLachlan did come to our wine bar and that was pretty awesome. It was fun pouring wine for him.

Dave: Anyone French.

What are your favorite restaurants/bars in Seattle?

Spinasse, Nettletown, Revel, The Walrus and the Carpenter, Cafe Presse, Hazlewood, Serious Pie, Bar Ferd'nand.

What wine myths would you like to debunk?

That alternative wine packaging is cheap (i.e., keg wine, box wine, screw cap, etc.).

What is your wine philosophy?

Schock: I hate the pretentiousness wrapped around wine. I try to make wine as accessible as possible for people. The only thing people will hear me complain about is glassware. There is a time and place for every glass, but it should always make sense.

Dave: Either you like it or you don't. It's not meant to be fussy.

Check back tomorrow for part three of this week's Grillaxin with Bottlehouse proprietors Soni Dave and Henri Schock.

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