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Made in Capitol Hill, Dream Cream combines the pleasure of iced mocha latte with the relief of cannabis.
? Dream Cream, a medicated iced mocha


Marijuana Mocha: Smooth Groovin' With Cap Hill's Dream Cream

dream cream label crop.jpg
Made in Capitol Hill, Dream Cream combines the pleasure of iced mocha latte with the relief of cannabis.
?Dream Cream, a medicated iced mocha latte made in Capitol Hill available in local medical-marijuana dispensaries, goes down smooth and leaves a long-lasting medicated glow.

The cannabis-infused beverage comes in both sativa and indica varieties. Sativa is medicated with "White Lady," an exclusive White Widow hybrid that, according to Dream Cream, "yields excellent ratios of the most uplifting and analgesic cannabinoids," while the Indica version is infused with "High Planes Drifter," an exotic Skunk hybrid the company says "promises an enriching experience with sedative inclinations."

I spotted Dream Cream on a recent Monday while visiting Dockside Co-op in Fremont (223 N. 36th St.), and quickly plunked down my $10 to take a bottle of the Sativa variety home with me. It did not disappoint in any respect.

After a quick adjustment of taste expectations (the flavor of cannabis is definitely present, although that's not necessarily a bad thing), I enjoyed my (very cold) Dream Cream more and more until, by the end of the bottle, I loved the stuff.

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?As a cannabis and medibles tester, I've developed something of a tolerance for medicated treats, and am thus not very easily impressed. But I gotta tell you: This stuff emphatically works. Within minutes of finishing my bottle of Dream Cream, I drifted into an energetic, euphoric state of consciousness, deep and high, which lasted for three wonderful hours.

Dream Cream founder Jim Chaney told me he started the beverages in Seattle dispensaries in May. "Moving to Seattle from San Francisco last year, I was well saturated with Bay Area medical cannabis culture, and as I started to absorb Seattle, coffee became a very big part of my life," he said.

Chaney's attention to detail shows. "Dream Cream exists to raise the bar on medicated edibles, using top-notch organic and natural food ingredients and the finest headstash quality cannabis," he told me.

Already, six local dispensaries carry the Dream Cream brand. In Capitol Hill, you can find Dream Cream at the Apothecary and BOTH (Ballard on the Hill) dispensaries. It's also available at Nebula in the U District, Dockside Cooperative in Fremont, and THC Care Provider in Ballard.

New products are simmering in Dream Cream's R&D "skunk house" as we speak. "It smells crazy in there," Chaney told us. "I can't give away all my secrets, but I can tell you that vegan offerings of chai and coconut-milk ice beverages are coming out. A lot of medical cannabis patients don't do dairy for a multitude of reasons, and I want to make sure they can enjoy a Dream Cream morning too."

To keep up with Dream Cream's dispensary availability, product giveaways, events, and promotions, follow their Twitter account at http://twitter.com/dreamcreamer.

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