Rimrock Steakhouse, Seattle's Best Dive Bar, Quietly Closes Its Doors

Justin Dylan Renney
This is where the magic happened.
Update: Owner Connie Dunn finally called us back this morning and left a voice mail informing us that "everyone's coming out of the woodwork" and several potential buyers have emerged. She's tied up in appointments with interested parties all day, and we'll provide more detail once we get her on the line. Our original May 9 post is as follows:

Multiple sources, including the neighboring Back Door Pub and Breakfast Club, have confirmed that Seattle's best dive bar, the Rimrock Steakhouse, quietly went dark last week. Whether this signals the definitive end for the Lake City Way landmark will have to wait for a call back from owner Connie Dunn, but the former Wedgwood Broiler cocktail waitress made it clear back in December that the bar was for sale and she was "ready to retire."

With the indefinite closure of the Italian Spaghetti House a mile and change north, this marks a classic case of "two steps back" for hardscrabble Lake City Way (Elliott Bay Brewing's arrival is the "one step up"). But at least the music won't stop: The Rimrock's ace house band, the Davanos (fronted by Dusty 45s guitarist Jerry Battista, with the inimitable Fred Holzman on drums) have moved their weekly Wednesday-night gig a dozen blocks up the road to the handsome tequila bar El Norte, which recently enjoyed a robust Cinco de Drinko weekend.

We'll keep trying to contact Dunn to get more specifics on the Rimrock's future. But we assume the business, while currently dormant, is still available for purchase. And you only get so many opportunities to assume the reins of an icon. So start rolling your quarters, aspiring bar owners. This might be the moment you've been waiting for.

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