Oddfellows Gets You Drunk On the Fancy Booze for Happy Hour

Sparkling wine and fancy grilled cheese suit a summer happy hour.
The Place: Oddfellows, 1525 10th Ave., 325-0807, CAPITOL HILL.

The Hours: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Deal: The happy hour menu features a handful of classic cocktails and Spanish sparkling wine for $5. You can also nosh on food that is slightly cheaper than the dinner menu, like cheese plate or a porchetta sandwich, all ranging from $4 to $12.

The food happy hour menu is one of the more expensive in the city. But here's why those drinks are such a deal. The cocktails aren't simple wells; the happy hour martini is made with Ketel One or Bombay Sapphire, both of which will run you above $10 at many other bars.

The Digs: For a city that gets as little sun as we do, Oddfellows has the most natural light of any eatery in Seattle. The enormous windows face East, so in the evening it's not necessary to draw the shades to protect against glare. It all creates an open, expansive feel.

That openness is very needed as you'll likely find yourself sitting in very close proximity to your neighbor, who is likely typing away at their first novel or plotting a show with bandmates or trying to convince their new infant to eat home-made mashed peas.

The Verdict: With a healthy dose of Capitol Hill pretension and all those hipsters crowded inside eating gourmet grilled cheese, it's hard not to be a little cynical about Oddfellows before stepping inside for the first time. But only a truly terrible person could hang onto that feeling.

The staff oozes friendliness. And even better, they are extremely efficient, refilling water glasses just as you finish the last swallow of liquid. The food is spendy for a casual cafe, but has the quality to earn the higher price.

Happy hour is no different. The staff is just as attentive as they are during dinner despite the likelihood of a lower tip, the food delivers, and thanks to those $5 Ketel One martinis, you can be completely soused by the time Oddfellows cuts it off at 6 p.m.

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