If you love food, and you're a rap star, then you rap about food. If you're a rap star and you go to jail, do


6 Food Filled Rap Songs

If you love food, and you're a rap star, then you rap about food. If you're a rap star and you go to jail, do you rap about jail food? Until we hear back on that interview request with Lil Wayne to find out, we can at least see what a rapper eats in jail, thanks to TMZ. Without Top Ramen, beef sticks and Kool-Aid, what would you do to keep yourself occupied? Not that an all expenses paid stay at Rikers is required to write a killer rap, but it sure wouldn't hurt. If Mr. Carter was given any time online for good behavior, we hope he researched this list of food filled rap songs for a little creative inspiration. After all, those rhymes don't write themselves, and it's not like he's got anywhere else to be, right?

6. Milkshake

Because we've got to start the list off representing the ladies side of food rhymes, and also due to the extreme hotness of the video, Kelis kicks off this countdown. Ladies everywhere love to sing it, and guys everywhere butcher the lyrics because they can't stop gawking at, well, at the milkshakes.

5. Gin and Juice

Why? Because you can't NOT have this on a food song list. It may be a drink to the rest of us, but chances are it's a food group to Snoop and the Dogg Pound. And if you're being honest with yourself, every time you hear this song, you totally wish you were bad ass enough to blast this, rollin' deep in a Hoop-D and actually be legit.

4. All You Can Eat

Thank God for the Fat Boys and their passion for all things greasy, fattening and oily. If only everyone illustrated that level of excitement by shaking it and raising their arms to the sky at the buffet line. It's pure, uncensored satisfaction.

3. Milk and Cereal

Any college frat boy worth his weight in PBR and frozen pizza knows this little ditty forwards and backwards. The only thing better than the original version is a group of drunken friends breaking out this song, in the round, in public.

2. I Like Big Butts

Finally a guy that celebrates food and women in the same song, because really, that's what society has been lacking, right? Besides it's catchy intro, addictive chorus and huge, fake, paper mache butts the ladies are dancing on, this song actually makes you want to dance your ass off!

1. Rappers Delight

The classic that got it all started, Rappers Delight from the Sugar Hill Gang is Homer's Iliad of early rap. Not only does it recapture the soul train sexiness of the era, it resonates with anyone who's ever lied to their friend about their mom's cooking.

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