VIDEO: Meet Lou Kohl

This week's cover story focuses on local restaurateur Lou Kohl--perhaps King County's most dogmatic follower of the "eat local" mantra. For Kohl, a man of brass-knuckle basics, anything beyond 100 yards is not local enough.

"Kohl's 60-mile rule represents a tremendous concession. Everything Kohl serves at his restaurant or uses in his home is produced within roughly a football field's length of the property. Kohl hates labels, but nonetheless refers to this as "the 100-yard diet," an unveiled dig at the 100-mile diet craze that's permeated the Pacific Northwest in recent years. Kohl says 100-mile diets "are for slackers," and that any chef who doesn't grow, raise, and kill his own food--all of it--is "a coward."

Meet the man behind the legend:

Meet Lou Kohl from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

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