Victory Is Sweet for Mighty-O's Sara Beth Russert

Sara Beth Russert 1 - Food Network.jpg
Sara Beth's a big winner on Food Network Challenge's first-ever hole-off.
Mighty-O's badass doughnut diva, Sara Beth Russert, came out on top of the heap during Sunday's Food Network Challenge, a heated battle against some tough competition.

Sara Beth kicked the butts at Top Pot as well as The Hole in Denver, Colo., and Blue Collar Joe's in Daleville, Va., during an hour-long show that featured two rounds. During the first round, she made a French Toast doughnut and another that was flavored with mystery ingredients olive oil and oregano.

The true challenge, though, was creating an animal out of three types of doughnuts. Sara Beth sculpted the Mighty El-O-Phant out of a cinnamon-sugar and ginger donut, a salted-chocolate caramel doughnut with chocolate ganache filling, and a cherry-pecan fritter. That bad boy is going to be on display at Mighty O starting today.

The popular place, which features vegan doughnuts, is throwing a victory party and you're invited. The French Toast donut is available starting today, but will also be served during a viewing of the show at 5:30 on April 27.

How about a standing O for Sara Beth!?

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