True Confessions: I Like to Watch . . . Golf

Masters ralph.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
My golfing buddy Ralph in his version of the Masters' coveted Green Jacket.
OK, so my dirty little secret is out. While it's cool to root on your favorite baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and cricket teams, golf is considered an old man's sport. Probably has something to do with those hideous outfits. But damn it, I don't care.

Today marks the opening of The Masters, and I'll be glued to the "action." I just can't get enough of the hushed commentary of those seasoned announcers. I especially love the British guy, who would never in a million years talk trash about the game's ultimate playa, Tiger Woods. I also get goosebumps when the quiet crowd erupts: "Get in the hole!" No matter how you feel about a game where grown men chase a little white ball, you've got to admit that's a pretty damn good sports cheer.

Here's what's even cuckoo-nuttier: I don't just like to watch, I play too. Oh, I'm terrible. My middle name is Mulligan, but it's one of the few sports--besides bowling--where drinking is encouraged while you're doing it. (Maybe that's one reason I'm so terrible.) I really love The 19th Hole. That's code for "the bar."

This year, I'm not sure about hitting the links in light of the crappy weather, but I'll definitely swing by and check out one of the finest 19th Holes in the country. Golf Digest picked the West Seattle Golf Course as having one of the 50 finest 19th Holes in the nation, loving its view of Mount Rainier from the clubhouse. Get in the Hole!

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