Van loves his Starbucks!
Too many uptight Seattleites turn their noses up at the mere mention of Starbucks, using it as an opportunity to tout


Top 5 Starbucks Locations in Seattle

Van loves his Starbucks!
Too many uptight Seattleites turn their noses up at the mere mention of Starbucks, using it as an opportunity to tout their favorite independent coffee shop at which they get their caffeine fix and bemoan the high price of the low-quality crap served at a corporate chain. (Insert eyeroll here.) Screw 'em, because plenty of us are total suckers for the latter. Call us crazy, but we love Starbucks' super-perky baristas, upholstered sofas, and especially those super-indulgent gingerbread and pumpkin-spice lattes available only during the holidays. So for those of us Seattleites who aren't too cool to be caught clutching that white and green cup as part of their daily diet, a la the Olsen twins, we present the top five Starbucks locations in the city. Cheers!

5. Pier 55 Admittedly, the Seattle waterfront is a tourist trap. On weekends, you can expect Disneyland-like lines to get a latte, let alone use the bathroom. But on weekdays, if you come in on a late afternoon, you can claim a seat at one of the beautiful tables made from wood actually collected by the pier. As a result, the store exudes warmth and earthiness. Bonus: Maybe it's because they are employed at such a visible location, but most of the baristas here are super-cute.

4. University Village Located smack in the middle of an upscale outdoor shopping center less than a mile from the University of Washington, this is one of the chain's busiest stores, catering to as many fashion-forward shoppers as college students. But the unique style of this Starbucks outdoes that of its Anthropologie-clad customers owing to the design, utilizing materials like bleachers and even slate from local high schools.

3. Madison Park Rumor has it Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz lives in the neighborhood and frequents this location. Hey, if it's good enough for Schultz, it's good enough for us! This spacious shop has plenty of seating and a conference room that you can reserve ahead of time or take over with your friends when empty. Everyone is welcome; the eclectic clientele ranges from entrepreneurs hunkered over their laptops to kids dripping wet from a swim in the nearby lake.

2. 40th floor of the Columbia Tower Here's an obvious one. Based in the "Sky Lobby" of the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest, this Starbucks boasts an absolutely stunning 180-degree view of the city. Depending on where you sit, you can gaze past the skyscrapers and take in the Cascades and Bellevue skyline, the Sound and the Olympics, and Lake Union. Why pay $5 to visit the tower's Observation Deck when you can spend it on a latte and see it all from the comfort of a couch?

1. 1600 East Olive Way Yes, come 4 p.m., you can order a plate of salumi and olives to go with your glass of cabernet sauvignon. The first Starbucks in the country to offer beer and wine, this super-popular revamped store on Capitol Hill looks like a pimped-out timeshare in Whistler. Adorned with red velvet curtains, hardwood floors, and an impressive wraparound deck and fireplace, it makes for a cozy atmosphere that's as inviting to hunker down and read a book in as it is to catch up with an old friend.

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