Top 5 "Girls' Night Out" Destinations in Seattle

Urban Dictionary defines a girls' night out as a "planned event where groups of females dress provocatively, flirt incessantly, dance badly, and accept free drinks from desperate single men." While a GNO certainly can entail such activities, it isn't always the case. A solid circle of female friends is hugely important to a girl's social life and sanity, providing her with the opportunity to gossip, bitch about her boyfriend or husband, and yes, for some, even wear a short skirt and con a sucker into buying a round of lemon-drop shots. It's all about a having a good time. And so we present the top five destinations in Seattle for a girls' night out, from sassy to classy and everything in between. Cheers, ladies!

5. Chapel Bar. Sure, it seems strange to describe a bar housed inside a former mortuary as "female-friendly." But Chapel also boasts the city's most delicious martini menu (all $5 during happy hour!): 40-plus options infused with every ingredient imaginable, including rosewater, sweet tea, coffee, and blackberries. And the most popular of them all, the Chloe, oozes girlish charm: a vodka/vanilla/lavender potion with a sugar rim, named after a resident bartender bearing a striking resemblance to actress Chloe Sevigny.

4. Twist. If a fashion-forward 20-something was asked to decorate the bar of her dreams, it would look like Twist. The Belltown bar is decorated in purple and black, with urban art on the walls and a revolving pig-shaped disco ball in the lounge. Even the bathroom walls are painted with pretty pictures of geishas and cherry blossoms. Happy hour features $3 wine and $6 cocktails, plus tasty treats like ice-cream sandwiches and mac 'n' cheese with crab. Best of all, it's available from 4 p.m. to midnight, so you and your girlfriends can sip and nosh in style for hours on end.

3. Neighbours. It's a no-brainer that the gay bar on Broadway was voted by SW readers as the "Best Venue for a Girls' Night Out." Every night is a free-for-all dance party, featuring DJs that spin the best in super-cheesy music (e.g.: Tiffany on '80s night, Miley Cyrus on weekends). A gaggle of scantily clad girls can flail about the dance floor without worrying about getting grinded on by some guy--because at Neighbours, a majority of the men are just not that into, well, women.

2. Purple Café and Wine Bar. This chic establishment downtown provides the ideal atmosphere to break bread and converse with girlfriends during lengthy lunches and dinners. It's almost always crowded, but the bustling comes off as more cozy than rowdy. You can swap stories about your respective weeks while sharing a bottle of wine and the baked brie--an indulgent appetizer dressed up with caramelized onions, candied walnuts, grapes, and housemade crackers. By evening's end, your soul (and stomach!) are sure to feel nourished.

1. Pnk UltraLounge. Were Sex and the City set in Seattle, Carrie Bradshaw and company would choose Pnk as their cosmo-swilling hot spot. Located on the fourth floor of Pacific Place, this stylish lounge is soaked in pretty pink lights, pop music, and saccharine-sweet cocktails. It also features a heated patio that overlooks the city, providing the perfect backdrop for when you get a little tipsy and start posing for photos with your girls. But be warned: If you aren't Carrie, prepare to wait in line for upward of an hour on weekends to get in.

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