There's Still Time to Get on Board the Plate of Nations Express

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Yes, enthusiastic eaters are super-excited about the upcoming Seattle Restaurant Week--really more like two weeks, but who's counting? It begins April 10 and runs until the 21st, but doesn't include weekends or Sunday brunch.

I've got food-freak friends who fill their calendars with good-deal meals at the gazillion participating eateries, taking advantage of the three-course dinners for $28 and lunches for $15. Taking a quick look at my Open Table account, it seems many tables are already booked. (That was true weeks ago at Canlis when Brian C. Tweeted: Please stop calling!)

But there's another cool dine-around that you still have a few days to check out. Plate of Nations showcases the rich global culinary traditions adventurous diners can find along the United Nations of Seattle streets, Martin Luther King, Jr., Way in Rainier Valley.

A dozen restaurants offer discounts on group dining--because family-style is fun, right?--for between $15 and $25.

Participating restaurants include The Original Philly's (American East Coast), Café Ibex (Ethiopian), Joy Palace (Chinese), Rainier BBQ (Vietnamese), Q Bakery (Vietnamese), Tony's Bakery (Vietnamese), Karama (East African), Huarachitos (Mexican), Venus (Chinese), Thai Palms (Thai), Olympic Express (Southeast Asian Halal), and Cajun Crawfish (American South).

Talk about a round-the-world smorgasbord! Plate of Nations runs through Saturday.

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