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A certain segment of the Seattle-area food community lives out loud on Twitter, and I can't get enough. I laugh my fucking


Seattle's Top 10 Food-Loving Tweeters

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A certain segment of the Seattle-area food community lives out loud on Twitter, and I can't get enough. I laugh my fucking ass off at many of the 140-character observations/rants/exchanges between food-savvy folks, and often jump in the fray.

Why, just the other day, a few Tweets resulted in my meeting some fellow Tweeps for an impromptu chicken-gizzard chowdown at Pike Place Market. That's my kind of grease-splattered (see photo on the jump) social networking!! (My Twitter handle's @LeslieDines, in case you want to join the conversation and possible meal/drink/rumble that result in a flurry of Tweets.)

Here's the short list of the most prolific, profane, and profound Seattle food peeps on Twitter. Feel free to add your suggestions to these mixed nuts.

gizzards from Chicken Valley.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
I love Twitter because it sometimes results in impromptu "meat"-ups like this poultry feed from Chicken Valley at Pike Place Market.

1. @MarcSeattle is like the Henny Youngman of the Twitterverse. He's fast and funny, volleying ba-da-boom one-liners among his friends/fans/followers, and he knows a whole hell of a lot about food. Just ask him.

2. @ChefReinvented, aka Becky Selengut, warns potential followers of her love of cuss words on her profile: potty-mouth problem. Keep serving up those four-letter words, baby! Recent Tweet: When people call you "prolific," it really means you either breed like a rabbit or never shut the fuck up.

3. @LovelyLanvin keeps us well-fed with loads of links to juicy shots of food porn. Thanks, Shirley!

4. @CakeSpy is so damn sweet without the cloying aftertaste. Artist Jessie Oleson's got more than 8,000 followers, and she shares with them all sorts of tasty adventures. Recent Tweet: At Keane's Bakery in Pleasantville, N.Y., they make "crumb board" (basically crumb cake on pie crust). Awesome!

5. Speaking of adventures, @SaltySeattle's naughty, and not afraid to show it! Recent Tweet: I'm pulling out of this slippery cave before I get too wet! Kisses, loves (& u know where my mouth's been).

6. @Herbguy is Ron Zimmerman is the co-owner of the Northwest's destination-dining haute spot, The Herbfarm. Herbguy's got more than 5,000 followers who eat up the more than 17,000 Tweets he has served. Recent Tweet: TULIP petals are edible: here's how to make our RED TULIP SORBET.

7. @LisaKNakamura keeps us up to speed on all the news on Orcas Island, where she owns the lovely Allium and beyond. Recent Tweet: Does anyone else get creeped out that Costco sells caskets?

8. @SeattleBonVivant is an amazing photographer/culinary mover & shaker who generously shares her food-centric world view with her 4,600-plus followers. Recent Tweet: the next best thing to eating lunch at @revelseattle is having the short rib rice bowl leftovers for dinner. miam miam.

9. @SurlyGourmand always makes me giggle. Recent Tweet: Sweaty, room-temperature sushi is a bad sign. By "sign" I mean "projectile diarrhea inducer."

10. @ChrisNishiwaki is the quintessential man-about-town, posting his nightly cocktail crawls and snackage reports with unfettered glee and an iron liver. Yet he never, ever bitches about hangovers. Recent Tweet: Big Time Brewery & Alehouse got me through college. Tonight, it's an education on its own. Perspective IPA & Trombipulator Belgian Triple.

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