Hey, Rube! Get Your Elbows Off the Table and Other Royal-Wedding Etiquette Tips

The Prince and his lady want you to polish up on your royal-wedding manners.
What? You haven't received your invitation to the biggest wedding since Michael Jackson walked down the aisle with Lisa Marie? Well, maybe the royal-wedding invite got lost in the mail.

Just to be on the safe side, you might want to bone up on a few royal etiquette pointers, courtesy of BBC News. Study this chart to help get a grip on which fork to grab during the sit-down reception and other manners of the rich and famous. Don't reach over and grab a roll off the Queen's plate, for instance.

Maybe the next best thing to being in Westminster Abbey watching Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange vows is to get together with your mates for a fancy-pants viewing party. Don't forget the Bloody Marys, because the wedding is going to be on the telly bloody early.

We're on the prowl for Royal Wedding viewing fetes at area restaurants. Any intell?

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