Good News for Seattle's Food Trucks

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Photo by Leslie Kelly
Mobile food businesses such as Where Ya At Matt, operated by Matthew Lewis, will have the chance to park it on stalled construction sites.
Urban blight? We don't need no stinking urban blight!

That's what the Seattle City Council decided late last month when it unanimously approved a measure that would allow food trucks and other vendors to temporarily take up residency on sites of stalled development.

While we weather this recession, our neighborhoods shouldn't have to suffer vacant, trash-attracting lots, said Council member Sally J. Clark, sponsor of the legislation.

Can we get an "Amen, Sistah!"?

Don't get too excited, envisioning a Portland-like explosion of mobile kitchens. Only 20 permits are available throughout the city. Hear that food-truck nation? Better hurry up and get on that application process!

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