A Recipe for Those Who Can Barely Boil Water

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Photo by Leslie Kelly
Hot dog! The franks from Bavarian Meats are super-snappy.
So you can't cook, huh? Well, if you can boil water, you can make this meal that will make you seem like a real wiener. I mean winner.

Last Friday was opening day for the Seattle Mariners, and my baseball-loving husband and I have a tradition of celebrating the start of the season with the annual toasting of tube steaks. Yes, I know that sounds dirty, but come on. We're talking about wieners here, not weenies. Got it? Good.

So, as any chef worth his/her sel will tell you, a great meal starts with great ingredients. My favorite place to score winning wieners is Bavarian Meats at Pike Place Market. Don't know where it is? Look for the photo-snapping tourists in front of the "original" Starbucks (the original Starbucks was actually on Capitol Hill) and head into the indoor collection of shops and restaurants two doors down. Right behind Seattle Cutlery.

That afternoon, I was running a little late and thought Bavarian Meats might already be closed. And yes, the nice ladies who run the place were counting money, but they helped me anyway. What makes these links worth a special trip? They're made the old-fashioned way, spiced just right, and they've got a snap you're not going to find with the supermarket hot dog.

The key to cooking these franks is to be gentle. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce the heat, simmering slowly for 5 minutes. Then, serve. Score!

I decided to upgrade my pups with some fancy condiments: green peppercorn mustard from DeLaurenti and some grilled ramps, which I picked up from Frank's Produce. Piled some sauerkraut on top, too.

Washed 'em down with some PBR and -- yay! -- the meal was a big hit. And -- double yay! -- the M's won!

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