A Non-Caffeinated Fruit That's a Great Coffee Substitute (at Least in Frozen Desserts)

Photo by Julien Perry
It's been a rather uneventful week of weird food. I've been in Pasadena for work and haven't been able to go out and eat like I usually do. With that said, I did make a trek to a local Whole Foods and found a rather unusual raw dessert that I wish I could find in Seattle. It's basically a sorbet from a Venice, Calif., company called Truly Raw Gourmet . It's flavored with raw, unheated honey, coconut water, coconut cream, cacao powder, and kapomo, which is made from a protein-rich fruit that sprouts from capomo trees on the edges of the South American rain forests. It tastes like coffee, but contains no caffeine. You'd never know those weren't specks of ground-up espresso beans in that eco-glass jar.

A nine-ounce container of sorbet only has about 250 calories, but runs a hefty $10. Flavors include Vanilla Cappuccino, Strawberry Lemonade, Chocolate Creme, and Chocolate Cappuccino. I chose the latter, thinking it would taste just like a frappuccino. It did. The taste is delightful, but the consistency of this organic treat is a little strange and challenging to eat, especially with a plastic spoon; it's much like eating a chunky granita. I say let the stuff melt, then suck it up with a straw.

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