7 Must-Have Movie Snacks

Thank God for 3D glasses--the true equalizer, making everyone look equally cheesy and bringing all sorts of unsavory characters off the screen and into your lap.
Spring has been so nonexistent this year that Seattle will basically jump from the dead of winter right into the moderate Northwest summer in the blink of an eye. Lame, yes, but it gives movie buffs and lazy people (that pretty much encompasses everyone in Seattle, no?) the chance to catch up on all the flicks they've yet to watch. Oscar-worthy or just plain slapstick, there always seems to be a list of features a mile long in your Netflix queue. What goes better with movies and rain than a bucket of treats? Everyone has their go-to box of sugary, salty happiness they crave when their butt hits the cold, gum-laden cinema chair. Here are the classics that make the short list.

Sugar Babies.

Just like seahorses, the Sugar Daddy birthed these precious, slow-cooked, candy-coated milk caramel nuggets. Of course the American public wouldn't be happy with just the original, so now there are flavors like Caramel Apple and Chocolate. Might we suggest getting a box of each and mixing them together for a family reunion?

Movies_Sugar Babies.jpg
Tootsie Roll Industries


There's definitely some fun to be had with a handful of Raisinets, a flask full of Jack, a crappy B movie, and an old-lady bouffant three rows ahead of you. We're not condoning it, or copping to anything, we're just sayin' . . . Raisins go from suck to awesome when they're blanketed in milk chocolate.


Milk Duds.

Chewy, chocolaty, and just the right amount of jaw-busting stickiness required to pull out a filling or two. While many other movie snacks and their ingredients can be clearly identified, Milk Duds say they're chocolate-covered caramels, but are so dang tough, it's hard to believe there's no tar inside.

Movies_Milk Duds.jpg

Buttered popcorn.

Well, this is the obvious classic, and maybe the only movie treat most movie lovers keep on hand all the time. People get a little obsessive about their popcorn toppings: sea salt, garlic salt, truffle oil, Johnny's Seasoning, grated parmesan, or one of those crazy new lines of specialty seasonings. Sometimes being a purist is underrated.

Movies_Buttered Popcorn.jpg

Mike and Ikes + Hot Tamales.

How many Hot Tamales does it take for your taste buds to completely lose the ability to taste anything? For the diehards that can't take 120 minutes of cinematic bliss without burning the entire inner surface of their mouth off--hats off to you. Mike and Ikes are for the more fruit/less fire crowd. nd with the variations like tropical and berry flavors, you'd almost be willing to buy Mike and Ike tickets to see the movie with you.

Just Born Candy Company

Just Born Candy Company


They're Dots. Know them, love them, and give them as presents. Everyone loves at least one color of dots from the original pack, and now there are even more chewy delights to be had since they started making tropical, wild berry, and yogurt flavors. How will you ever choose?

Tootsie Roll Industries

Red Vines.

The ruler of all red licorice. Red Vines are the classic sweet treat, and mandatory companion of the bucket of popcorn and bathtub of Coke or Pepsi. There are two unspoken rules when buying Red Vines at the movies: First, sharing is required. There's no bargaining on that. Second, at least one piece must have the ends bit off and turned into a straw that will leech Red No. 5 into your Sprite or Orange Crush. Beyond that, feel free to pick a fight with your sidekick during a fight scene and use the remaining pieces as light sabers.

Red Vines

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