Easter candy really is its own food group, and frankly, what more do you need?
Face it, America loves a holiday. And any holiday is


7 Easter Candies That Make Your Teeth Bleed

Easter candy really is its own food group, and frankly, what more do you need?
Face it, America loves a holiday. And any holiday is really just an opportunity to ruin your diet and appetite with copious amounts of junk food shaped like healthy foods. Easter is the paramount example of this stupid (and awesome) tendency. As you get older, it seems that not only does less candy make us sick, but even a small amount of sugar starts rotting your teeth as soon as you unwrap it. To avoid the extra cavities this spring, here's a list of classics guaranteed to make your teeth bleed.

Cadbury Crème Egg.

The Holy Grail of all Easter candy, the Cadbury egg has been carried on through generations of screaming, hyper kids. Now it has numerous incarnations, including a caramel version that isn't nearly as sweet as the original. Didn't you always wonder how they get the yolk to stay in the middle? What's that made of anyway?

Easter_Cadbury Egg.jpg
Kraft Foods

Chocolate Bunny.

Every year, you pray the Easter Bunny will bring you two things: serious amounts of edible loot you'll let go stale rather than throw out, and a solid chocolate bunny. And then there was the mild let-down of only getting a hollow bunny instead. Wah waaahhhhh.

Easter_Choc Bunny.jpg
Olde Naples Chocolates


Coming in six electrically shocking colors but still just one nasty, sugar-encrusted flavor, Peeps are still the New Kids on the Block. Not only do they come in original chick peep, they also have Easter Bunny peep, chocolate butt-dipped chick peep, and chocolate-covered egg-shaped peep. That's just the Easter peeps--with all the other holiday varieties, you can have your own Peeps farm!


Jelly beans.

Jelly beans have got to be one of the original badasses of holiday candy. They last forever, they look like you'll know what flavor they are but sometimes deceive you, and sometimes they even have fillings. Thanks to Jelly Belly, they've survived the decades of new, fancy candies--and they're still great to chuck at your little brother no matter how old you are.

Easter_Jelly Beans.jpg
Gimbals Gourmet

Chocolate Foil Wrapped Eggs.

Even a candy snob loves just chocolate, and these shiny little rocks are a longtime favorite for all. The best part about them? No disgusting surprise fillings like on Valentine's Day.

Easter_Choco Eggs.jpg

Robins' Eggs.

This is a no-brainer, and maybe the most worth the calories and bleeding gum line. Lick the candy coating, paint your lips with a sugar lipstick until you look like the drummer from a hair band, then crunch away on the Whopper insides. Perfect.

Easter_Robin Eggs.jpg

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg.

Finally we can enjoy peanut butter cups during Easter. No longer must you be bothered with the strenuous manual labor of digging the jar of peanut butter from the cupboard, chopping your chocolate bunny into chunks, and tediously dipping them into the peanut butter. How did we survive before?

Easter_PB Egg.jpg

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