4 Fantastic Peeps Projects

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Somewhere in the world, this much fluorescence and sugar is illegal.
Every spring, kids young and old alike anxiously await the Easter Bunny in hopes of a massive basket full of jelly beans, Cadbury Eggs, peanut butter-filled chocolate rabbits, and anything else that brings on cavities quicker than you can say Peter Cottontail. But more than anything, Peeps truly represent the massive commercialization and sugar mania that is present-day Easter. With their Day-Glo electric pink, blue, and yellow shells shellacked in sugar crystals and their tasteless marshmallow insides, what's not to love?

They may not be good for eating (seriously, have you ever tried to eat a whole Peep?), but you know there's a subculture of Americans out there wasting their Sundays at home figuring out what in hell can be done with these defenseless blobs.

Easter garland

Let's start with a true beginner's craft; a holiday garland. You could easily sit at the table and string a few dozen classic chick Peeps to swag across your window in a festive declaration. Or you could really commit and start by preserving each specimen with a few coats of Modge Podge, then carefully thread them between hand-cut paper doilies. Is it going a bit too far? I think we answered that question when we decided to do something other than eat them.

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Jenn Thorson of the Thrift Shop Romantic.

Peeps Nativity

With the creation of other Peep animals like the bunny and a whole host of other holiday Peeps, you could literally save up a few seasons' worth (it's not like they're going to go bad or something) and create your very own nativity scene. Think of it as a starter Nativity, before you go investing in some Waterford crystal. Smart and sassy.

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Brad Delong

Peep wreath.

For the real holiday decorator in you, channel your inner Martha and go all out with a Peep wreath. Don't hide it inside, selfishly letting only a chosen few friends enjoy the fruits of your labor. Go big or go home, and stick that sucker on your front door, proudly proclaiming "I may have too much time on my hands, true, but you know the Easter Bunny is stopping at my house first."

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Jenn Thorson of the Thrift Shop Romantic.

Civil War History Class Diorama.

Word to the wise: Buy in bulk. Maybe the most satisfying of all the Peeps projects, this childish display of your inner warrior embraces your, shall we say, more colorful side? If you're already past fifth grade, then enlist your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or neighborhood know-it-all kid and "help" them win the blue ribbon for most realistic Battle-of-Whatever re-enactment. They get an A and you get to relive your infantile tendencies. It's a win-win, no?

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