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Who's picking up the bill?
We give up a lot by being pet owners, despite all we get in return. Sure, Fido may be man's best friend, but having him around means giving up the spontaneity of after-work dinner plans, sleeping in on weekends, and jetting off to South America without spending more on doggie day care than you do on your own accommodations. Thankfully, there's one important pastime you don't have to give up because of your pup: happy hour. Here are five dog-friendly Seattle bars that welcome you and your canine confidant:

5. Beach Cafe.

There's no reason not to show the Eastside a little love, and Kirkland's Beach Cafe at the Woodmark Hotel is a dog-friendly destination for anyone looking to soak up some of the sun we'll hopefully be seeing more of as we head into summer. The lakefront bar and restaurant is a casual companion to the hotel's fine-dining Bin on the Lake; stop by between 9 a.m. and noon to take advantage of the breakfast happy hour, where you can get $5 mimosas, Bloody Marys, or Irish coffees with your pup on the patio. Beach Cafe also hosts a well-known event called Yappier Hour that allows owners and pets to socialize over drinks from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays (starting May 25).

4. Shorty's.

Hot dogs with your dogs? Only at Shorty's, a carnival-like Belltown bar that boasts a menu of wieners, a full bar, a pinball arcade, and a dog-friendly attitude. Bring your pooch in for a Vienna beef or veggie dog (Fido would love one, too, we're sure) and wash it down with a drink--just remember that this is more a place for a can of PBR or a well whiskey and Coke than for a frou-frou custom cocktail. Being predominantly a bar, Shorty's is strictly 21-and-older, and that's in human years, not dog years.

3. Beveridge Place Pub.

True boozers will want to skip the restaurant/bar hybrids and head straight to West Seattle and into Beveridge Place Pub, a neighborhood watering hole where pooches are welcomed as regular patrons. Fido can curl up at your feet as you peruse the selection of 25 draught beers, ranging from local microbrews to international suds--there's also wine, cider, mead, and sake if you wish to make the decision even more challenging. The pub offers an environment perfect for rainy afternoons when neither you nor your canine pal wants to stay home. And if you are hungry, ask a bartender to see the menu book and order delivery from one of the nearby eateries.

2. The Leary Traveler.

This pub in Freelard (that small span of neighborhood connecting Ballard and Fremont) is heavy with European influence, which shows up in the casual atmosphere, the soccer games on TV, the unique beer list, and the short food menu. But the best part for dog owners is that pups are welcome here, both inside the bar and on the outdoor patio. Since the space is relatively small and there's regularly standing room only, we'd recommend only bringing Fido during off hours (or if he's small and mellow enough to simply sit at your feet). While you're there, try the Belgian-style fries served in a cone with mayo for a dip, and a Freelard Cocktail: Old Overholt rye, Fernet-Branca, triple sec, and Angostura bitters.

1. Norm's Eatery and Ale House.

Many places will let you dine outdoors with your pooch, but Norm's in Fremont welcomes dogs right into the restaurant. The pub features a full menu of basic comfort food--think chicken wings, Cobb salads, meatloaf sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, fish and chips--plus 14 beers on tap and a full bar. Well-behaved dogs lounge under booth tables, while the more hyper ones tangle their leashes between servers' legs. This is definitely a place built on its love of pups rather than its food and drink selection, but for a weekend brunch date or late-night drink with Fido, it's an easy pick. Try the daily changing Norm's Doggie Bowl for a meal big enough to share with your hound.

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