Taking Eggs Up a Notch With Boom Chili Sauce

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Boom Noodle's Jonathan Hunt loves this easy-to-make recipe: "This is something I eat more regularly than any other dish. It is quick, easy, and immensely satisfying. Typically, I accompany this with some kind of roasted, stir-fried, or deep-fried pork. Chicken or tofu prepared the same way is a perfectly acceptable substitute. The only catch is you need to stop by one of the Boom Noodles or Whole Foods at Interbay and buy some Boom Chilli sauce or it just won't be the same."

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Sweet Egg With Rice and Boom Chili Sauce

Take five large eggs, preferably high-quality organic, and crack them into a bowl.

Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce or tamari. Whip together and set aside.

Have ready the eggs and a set of chopsticks!

Pour in 2 ounces of oil and immediately pour the eggs directly into the oil. While quickly moving the wok back and forth, quickly stir the eggs in a circular motion with the chopsticks.

Continue this until the eggs just lose their liquid state, scraping down the sides if necessary. Immediately remove eggs into ready bowls of hot rice.

Top with protein, some chopped green onion, whole or, even better, fresh ground sesame seeds, and finish with as much Boom chili sauce as you can tolerate.

Hint: This dish is best when you mix all the components together well.

Serves 2.

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